Letter: An instrument of the public good

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To the Editor:

President Biden won the 2020 election decisively with a strong majority supporting his moderate plans for rebuilding America and with stronger alliances to solve world problems. Biden-Harris came into office in the midst of unprecedented crises – no plan to protect people from a growing pandemic, stagnating wages, crumbling infrastructure, U.S. manufacturing in decline, persistent racial disparities and a former administration that coddled [Vladimir] Putin and distanced U.S. from NATO and other allies.

They have set the nation on a new course by investing in this historic economic recovery, low unemployment, increased job opportunities, rebuilding U.S. manufacturing and support for our veterans. Historic legislation [will] strengthen us for years to come.

Democrats are proving that the government can still be used effectively as an instrument of the public good. Additionally, our allies are standing stronger, and Ukraine has held off Putin’s war of aggression. Yes, problems persist and need to be addressed. Rational debate and working together will strengthen the USA and our allies.

I stand strongly with our congressional representative, Lauren Underwood, who eagerly meets with people, listening to veterans, small-business owners, health care providers, seniors and youth. She is a nurse who has used her skills and experiences to write legislation to correct problems affecting us. She has proven to be a strong representative for Illinois’ 14th District.

Chuck Steinbach