Kendall County Opinion

Letter: Unfair comparison


To the Editor:

A recent contributor shared a personal experience of miscarriage to champion abortion rights. In doing so, she compared a miscarriage with a person choosing to abort a pregnancy. A miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion and pregnancy loss. They normally happen in the first trimester, and the leading cause is chromosomal abnormality. This is followed by other causes, including medical. Whatever cause, it is unfair to equate an unplanned miscarriage with a personal choice to terminate a pregnancy.

Miscarriages may need to be followed up with a medical procedure which helps to heal. But that scenario is not the same as a personal choice either. Personal choice is intentional, not unplanned. The Guttmacher Institute, which tracks abortion data, states that 1-3% of all abortions are done for medical necessity, including miscarriages. The other 97% are listed as personal choice. Some sources call it abortion for convenience.

It was interesting to read that “women are wise and understand consequences.” Any woman I know can point to a female who aborted a child and confirm that many women are not wise and some do not understand or even care about the consequences. If women understood the consequences, how is it that so many must choose an abortion of convenience?

Finally, it should be clear to a Christian that the Ten Commandments give God’s position on taking a life, in the scripture stating “Thou shall not murder.” In a time of peril and challenge, we are to trust God, who will show us the way out.

Susan Brambert Shields