Letter: Ain’t it awful

keyboard, letter to the editor

To the Editor:

This is in response to the Sept. 1 Ledger article “Drag show foes take protest to Yorkville City Council.” I was invited (and declined) to sign the mentioned petition declaring “we are teaching people in Yorkville to degrade other’s humanity” (which thankfully, is not really a petition against teachers or our schools). It seems to me that the group making this statement may be trying to do just that to our gay and lesbian residents.

I decided some time ago to not get sucked into such “ain’t it awful” protests, especially those claiming to “protect our children,” which usually attempt to create or reinforce the so-called “gay lifestyle” stereotype that in no way agrees with my experience with my gay friends.

I believe that the primary motivation for these “ain’t it awful” protests is to deny that our gay and lesbian neighbors were created by God with all kinds of diversity, just as us heterosexuals were, and to imply “they should be like us” is degrading their humanity.

If certain individuals in these drag show events violated existing “indecent exposure” ordinances, then I agree they should be identified (as individuals) and prosecuted. And if parents took their children to an event advertised for 21 and older, they should be accountable for that decision.

I don’t agree that any group, even if the have a prayer meeting before a City Council meeting, would receive God’s blessing on trying to deny the humanity (and constructional rights) of our gay and lesbian residents as a group.

Ken Mozingo