Sandwich City Council approves Latham Street rebuild; construction expected to start in April

Latham St. train tracks, the southmost point of construction. (David Petesch -

The Sandwich City Council approved a resolution to move forward with the rebuilding of North Latham Strett and to appropriate $490,000 in state-reimbursed Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) funds for the project during a Feb. 14 meeting.

The Latham Street rebuild will cost a total of $3,315,242 with funding coming from several sources, including MFT funds along with federal, state and local revenues.

A one mile stretch of Latham Street will be resurfaced and modernized, from the train tracks to Sandhurst Drive.

Mayor Todd Latham said residents can expect Latham Street construction to begin in April and he anticipates its completion by September.

Intersection of Latham St. and Sandhurst Dr., the northmost point of construction. (David Petesch -

The total breakdown of funds for the Latham Street rebuild is as follows: $478,400 in MFT funds, $160,000 of state funding from the Rebuild Illinois Program, a $1,033,147 federal grant from the Surface Transportation Program, and a total of $1,643,695 of local funding.

Though funds have not yet been approved by city council, Latham said additional MFT dollars will be allocated for several other street construction projects this year, including upgrades to Main Street downtown and traffic signal improvements on Route 34.

The council also approved an IDOT construction engineering contract agreement with Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc. who will oversee the projects and consult, according to Latham.

Damage at intersection of Latham St. and 6th St. (David Petesch -