Election 2021: Results from Tuesday’s key Kendall County area races

Less than 12% of county’s registered voters cast ballots


Here are final, unofficial results from Tuesday’s voting in several key Kendall County area races:

(Winners are indicated by *)

Voter turnout: 11.86%. Just 9,908 of Kendall County’s 83,568 registered voters casts ballots in Tuesday’s election, according to the Kendall County Clerk’s Office.

Oswego School District 308/Board of Education/vote for four

Eulalia Valdez: 2,844

LaTonya Simelton: 2,916*

Jennifer Johnson: 3,161*

Donna Marino: 3,883*

Eugene L. Gatewood: 3,742*

Katie Heiden: 2,889

Keisha Earl: 1,494

For more on this race: https://www.shawlocal.com/kendall-county-now/news/local/2021/04/07/humbled-and-grateful-successful-oswego-school-board-candidates-react-to-election-results/

Yorkville School District 115/Board of Education/vote for two

Shawn Schumacher: 1,190*

Jorge A. Ayala: 642

Robert W. Brenart: 1,128*

For more on this race: https://www.shawlocal.com/kendall-county-now/news/local/2021/04/07/incumbents-hold-on-in-yorkville-school-district-115-board-race/

Village of Oswego/Trustee/vote for 3

Jennifer Jones Sinnott: 1,870*

Kit Kuhrt: 1,783*

Tom Guist: 1,998*

Pam Parr: 1,455

Judy Siedlecki: 1,312

Luis Perez: 1,426

For more on this race: https://www.shawlocal.com/kendall-county-now/news/local/2021/04/07/republican-candidates-win-three-seats-on-oswego-village-board/

Village of Montgomery/Trustee

Matthew Bauman: 300*

Marion Bond: 204

City of Plano/Mayor

Robert “Bob” Hausler: 388

Mike Rennels: 412*

For more on this race: https://www.shawlocal.com/kendall-county-now/news/local/2021/04/07/plano-alderman-unseats-three-term-incumbent-mayor/

City of Yorkville Alderman/Ward 3

Matthew Marek: 221*

Rich Vinyard: 118

City of Sandwich/Mayor

Richard W. Robinson: 404

James McMaster: 74

Todd K. Latham: 534

Fore more on this race: https://www.shawlocal.com/kendall-county-now/news/local/2021/04/07/latham-wins-three-way-race-for-sandwich-mayor/

Oswego Township/Supervisor

Joe West: 2,504*

Brian LeClercq: 2,322

Oswego Township Clerk

Michael Becker: 2,241

Kenneth Holmstrom: 2,412*

Oswego Township Assessor

Brian Hauser: 2,721*

Dan Koukol: 1,767

Oswego Township Highway Commissioner

Claude Ainsworth: 1,888*

Terry Olson: 1,169

Thomas Cook: 1,587

For more on this race: https://www.shawlocal.com/kendall-county-now/news/local/2021/04/07/ainsworth-wins-oswego-township-highway-commissioners-race/

Oswego Township Board/Vote for 4

Donna Sawicki: 2,273*

Juan Terrazas: 2,024

Allyson Jacobsen: 2,075*

Diane Selmer: 2,068*

Judy Bush: 2,165*

Bill Small: 1,960

Shane Wade: 1,777

Kendall Township Supervisor

Steve Gengler: 421*

Vernon Fatima: 249

Kendall Township Highway Commissioner

Jack Westphall: 257

Doug Westphal: 416*

Seward Township Supervisor

Paul Scholtes: 281

Karen Lombardo: 296*

Seward Township Clerk

Sheila Trost: 293*

Write-in: 237

Seward Township Highway Commissioner

Scotty Cryder: 278*

James Fleming: 21

Anne Vickery: 254

Joe Zolper: 39

Seward Township Trustee/vote for 4

Joseph Miller: 255

LaVerne Spencer: 233

Douglas Wilson: 226

Tom Fleming: 301*

Jim Martin: 294*

Tim O’Brien: 322*

Dan Roberts: 282*

Michelle Salato: 200

Oswego Fire Protection District referendum

Yes: 2,418

No: 2,716*

For more on the referendum results: https://www.shawlocal.com/kendall-county-now/news/local/2021/04/07/voters-turn-down-oswego-fire-protection-district-referendum/

John Etheredge

Editor of the Record Newspapers and KendallCountyNow.com, John's career as a journalist in Kendall County began in 1981. Over the years his news beats have included county government, municipal government, school boards, police and more. He also writes editorials on local issues and the weekly Kendall County Government Newsletter.