Letter: New commandments

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Maybe it’s time for the Almighty to come down atop Mount Sinai and give us new commandments. The old set of 10 just do not seem to be working very well.

1. Thou shalt not kill (this includes mass murder)

2. Thou shalt not steal or cheat

3. Thou shalt not lie or slander

4. Thou shalt not defraud

5. Thou shalt obey all the laws

6. Thou shalt not commit road rage

7. Thou shalt not use vulgar language

8. Honor thy father, mother, and your elders

9. Keep holy your sabbath

10. Thou shalt be charitable to the less fortunate

11. Thou shalt learn the meaning of respect

12. Thou shalt pray

13. Thou shalt attend religious services at least two times a month

14. Thou shalt memorize these new commandments

15. Share these with others

George Hayner