Thank You Teachers Letters 2023: Kane County Chronicle

Letters to Teachers for Thank You Teachers

Susan Poterk: Thank you for pushing me to do better in all my classes so then I can get better grades. Carson Hochsprung

Kara Swanson: I am not going to get too deep or heartfelt because thats gross, but I just wanted to say thank you for being so generous with your time, because I know that not all teachers would do that. And I also wanted you to know that you and all of my other teachers mean a lot to me. In fact, I look up to Mrs. Scrivani, Mrs. Halverson, Mrs. Mareno, and you more than I do my own family. I will never ever forget how much you have done and how big of an impact you have made on my life. Gina Genge

Mrs Susan Poterek: She helps me out a lot and she is nice to others and pushed us to are limits and she deserve alot and am growing because of her. Colin Murphy

Michelle Rybski: Thank you for being part of my Thompson experience. You have been the best part of Thompson for me. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your life. don’t worry I will still come to visit every so often. Logan Lyon

Kara Swanson: Thank you for always being so supportive, caring and patient. You have made such a big impact in my life. I will be visiting!! Ella Bugdalski

Joanna Sienko: I just wanted to thank you for being such a sweet and nice teacher! Josie Ross

Lindsay Rath: Thank you for always helping me on any homework/classwork assignment that I needed guidance on and thank you for teaching us. I truly appreciate your hard work in teaching all of us and always being there to guide me if I have any sort of question. Thank you for always being flexible if I ever want to redo an assignment for some reason, which barely any of my other teachers do now. Until now and moving forward, you have been the best teacher I ever had and always will be because you are always nice and polite. Thank you for teaching me.Sincerely, Krish Thakkar

Paul Herrera: Mr. Herrera, you are an amazing teacher. You understand, help, and care for your students and everyone around you. You are such a fun teacher! Thank you for being a great teacher! Josephine Hoag

Jeffrey Otterby: Mr Otterby is the best social studys teacher and he is very nice and fun to have a class with him. he is my favortite teacher and he brings me mcdonalds everyday. Joey Koral

Michael LeClaire: At first we all thought he was just a substitute he was very nice we all wanted him to stay we went to school after that and he just kinda stuck he has a lot of common interset with us and he is very good at his job he is younger so he gets what we mean more than other teachers to so thank you mr le claire for being the best. Noah Jorns

Brandon Petersen: Thanks Mr. P for being such an epic and cool teacher! I wish I had you as a teacher next year (But unfortunately that wont happen). Leo Coss

Elizabeth Zeno: Thank you for being a great teacher and always helping us when we need it. Thank you for giving us small desks and sitting with my friends. Will Westermann

Elizebeth Zeno: Thank you for always helping, Thank you for always listing, Thank you for letting me sit with friends, And thank you for everything from helping to being a friend. Tevin Wallace

Vinu Malhan: Thank you for helping me when I was having hard times in science. Also thank you for making science so much more fun and having me looking forward to your class! William Ross

Martin Gabel: You are the best teacher I have ever had you are so funny and kind I hope you win this! Olivia (Olive) Tavernier

Timothy Massie: Thank you for being a great teacher!! Allie Neece

Sandra Sebolt-Pogge: Thank you for being considerate, kind, loyal, and an excellent teacher for almost two years! Kenneth Chang

Don Kovak: Thanks for being my fav teacher and I enjoy having Orchestra lessons with you and I look forward to Orchestra next year! THANKS SO MUCH! Leah Mejdrich

Christopher Patrick: Thank you Mr. Patrick,You always push me to work harder and not do things last minute. Also even though we may groan when we get assignments I actually think a lot of them are fun. Sincerely, Donovan Miller

Timothy Massie: Thank you so much for being a really fun, understanding, and chill teacher. Your class is so much fun and the assignments are not hard. you have made my school life so much easyer than before. You are one of the best teachers I have ever had. Thank you for so much. Thanks for understanding when I needed help, and having the same sense of humor as me and my family. Thanks so much. Asher Gillian Needham

Timothy Massie: Thank you Mr. Massie you are the best teacher I’ve ever had. Aiden Bradley

Jessica McCall: Thank you for actually being interested in what I have to say and talking to me about things that I’m interested in! Mae Lumpp

Christine Richards: Thank you Mrs. Richards, your really funny and a very nice teacher, you always make sure I’m ok and your a great teacher overall so thank you. Stefania Szeliga

Jessica McCall: You are by far my favorite teacher. You make every class exciting. Even when class is not the best, you find a way to make it entertaining. We always have something to do and there is never a dull moment. You have taught me a lot this year. Thanks for being my teacher! Peyton Fraser

Matthew Wollak: Mr. Wollak you’ve been really chill about the stuff we do and put up with us. Thanks for everything! Logan Winokur

Christine Richards: Thank you Mrs. Richards for being an amazing Spanish teacher this year, and for helping me when I have lost of questions. You can make me laugh and smile and you are an amazing Spanish teacher and teacher in general. Thank you for all you did for me this year and for making my day better. I will miss you next year if I dont have you. Baila Wick

Jeffery Otterby: He always seems to make class fun and funny, He gives McDonald’s to us in the morning. Preston Wallace

Martin Gabel: Thank you for being such an amazing teacher, and making learning fun. You are really funny and I really appreciate you being my 6th grade Social Studies teacher. And thank you for helping my friend Piper when she had a bloody nose, and when she started to freak out on the last day of school. The most important thing of all thank you for making me happy even if I didn’t look happy, every time i walked out of Mrs. Jacobi’s class and stepped in your class i would feel in instant relief, and that’s why you will always be my favorite teacher no mater the subject. Thank you Mr. Gabel Sincerely Samantha E, you’re shy and quite student. Samantha Elias

Margret Guseman: Thank you for always helping me go the extra mile and helping me get the grade I want even if it means more work for you! Jon Speciale

Ralph Rocha: I met Mr Rocha when I was in 7th grade through Improv club and he has been such a good teacher and an idol. When I did an improv show with my school Mr Rocha taught me everything and really helped me find my voice. This year I’m the play going on right now I was sick when auditions were going on but Mr Rocha really wanted me to be apart of the play and saw that I could be a good assistant so I became assistant director. I’ve felt so bad this year as I’ve been in the hospital back and fourth but Mr Rocha completely understood and was there for me. Ireland Nolan

Anna Lafronza: Thank you for being a key part in my life. Ever since 6th grade since I have had you and all the times shared together Has been very wonderful. You have encouraged to do good when I wasn’t believing in myself. You are an amazing teacher Miss Lafronza from, Alyssa. Alyssa Doyle

Katherine Kerby: Thank you for everything you do and being such an understanding teacher. i am so tankful for you! Addison Baumann

Thomas Battista: Thank for being an awesome teacher and supporting your students no matter what. Your class is always what students look forward to. Again, thank you. Olivia Vancura

Lauri Stocker: Thank you so much for everything you have done for me throughout the year. I appreciate your help and guidance in and out of the classroom. I am grateful that you have made a real difference in my education. I wish you a happy Teachers’ Day, and thank you again for all you have done. Skyler Stewart

Julie Smith: Thank you for always encouraging me to do my best. Thank you for always being happy and making me like science more. Lillian Hanson

Grant Montgomery: You are by far the most fun and interesting teacher, I always look forward to learning in your class (History is my favorite). Lily Nilesen

Nathen Zentner: Thank you for being my favorite teacher. Alana Michalski

Michelle Poelster: Hi mom you are a great teacher in my life, you taught me many cool things at home and outside of home. You are very cool and you are the best mom and teacher. Miles Poelster

Shannon L. Breon: I don’t think I have had a better experience in class than when I have 8th hour. When I come into the classroom, everyone is in a great mood! I see people smiling and laughing every day. You have been one of my best teachers I have had, making class fun, giving us independence and letting us make good choices, and motivating us throughout the school year. This has truly been amazing, and I wish I could stay in your class. Thank you Mrs. Breon! Gavin Beebe

Ashley Lubrano: I am so thankful that I got to be one of the lucky students to be in your class. It has been so fun, seeing the smiling faces every day when I walk in class, seeing people laughing at your funny jokes, and overall having the best class experiences. I wish I could stay in your class, as it has been one of the best I have had. Throughout the year, I have been motivated the most in ELA, and I will miss the excitement of walking to eighth hour.Thank you Mrs. Lubrano! Gavin Beebe

Christopher Patrick: Thank you for making my day better, and I look forward to 5th hour every day. Alexander Bradt

Martin Gabel: Thank you Mr. Gabel for having a huge impact in my life, you give our class so much freedom. Thank you for giving our class so many chances even though we have been not the best class for you. you always make sure that students are feeling okay. you are the best teacher i have ever had. Adam Mendala

Anni Whitaker: Thank you so much for being so supportive of your students, and making class fun. You are so fun to be around, and you are always in a good mood. When you smile, everyone else smiles with you. If any of us feel down, you notice, give us the opportunity to talk about it, and cheer us up in no time. You are an amazing teacher, and I am so grateful to have you as my teacher. Thank you for everything you do for your students! Hannah Peterson

Shannon Breon: Thank you for being such a great teacher! I will miss you next year! Juliana Sweas

Christopher Ashline: Thank you for helping me through the year and thank you for being a good teacher. Olivia Cahill

Daniel Ballines: Thank you Mr. Ballines for being a good teacher. You’re really fun and I enjoyed being in your gym class. Thanks for letting Anna join our class on the last day, it made my day. Julia Grawender

Mr. Mygrant: You are one of the most kind and caring teacher I know. You have helped me through situations that were though, but you were always there for me. You have been a big part of helping me through 6th grade. I am going to miss you when I go to high school. Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given me. Brooklyn Kawecki

Anni Whitaker: You are an awesome teacher and you supported me in really hard times like when my grandma passed away. I really enjoy being in your class and appreciate how you help me. I can’t explain how much I am going to miss you next year and I will never have a teacher as awesome as you. Thank you for being the best teacher possible. Tessa Mallon

Melanie Lipecki: Thank you Mrs. Lipicki for giving me the best class of middle school ever i am really upset when I left your language arts plus class. You made me enjoy hat class a lot and push to my limit. I wish i could still be in your class and I wish you the best and i will try to visit your class when i have time good luck to your favorite language arts plus class! Erica Lin

Carolyn Garrity: It’s been almost 2 years now i still miss you and i still miss Richmond i just wanted to thank for putting up with me lol looking back as a older wiser me i see i was not the best student so i just wanted to thank you for that and always having faith in me. Charles Walsh

Anni Whitaker: This teacher has been so kind and thoughtful towards not just me, but everyone! Me and Mrs. Whitaker share the same IBD. So we always have something to connect and share about. She has been my favorite teacher forever! I actually knew her when she was a kinder garden teacher at my old school. Overall, she is the sweetest and most considerate teacher you will ever meet! Julia Murdock

Melissa Reed: Thank you Mrs. Reed for welcoming me greatly into my first year in Middle School. Without you, you might as well say that I would never be as happy as I am now. You are always there when someone needs you and you always do your best to help us. You’re so kind and funny, making learning really fun. Thank you for being my teacher, Mrs. Reed! Chloe Chatton

Melissa Reed: Thank you for making my first year of middle school the best. When I was nervous at school I meet you and I knew Social Studies would be fun and if something was wrong I could go to you. Katelyn Kosiek

Samantha Nelson: Thank you mrs.nelson for being the best teacher in the whole world. our school is so lucky to have somebody like you. Afton Anderson

Janel Bach: Thank you Mrs. Bach you have made choir so fun and I can not thank you enough for understanding when I need breaks in choir. Aubrie Monroy

Christopher Ashline: Thank you for teaching me so much you made a impact on my life on helping me during everything so THANK YOU. Ryan Rockwood

Sean Finn: You make my school days fun and i look forward to 6th hour every day. Jacob Kizy

Julie Smith: Thank you Mrs.Smith for being so kind and always there for the students. Alyssa Faivre

Rebecca Olson: I was so scared to middle school this year, but as soon I came into your class I knew I was going to be okay. You have taught me so many valuable things this year that I treasure so much, and not only that, the amount of laughter I have from the funny moments in class are irreplaceable. You have taught me and my classmates to be courageous even when things get tough. You have taught us to believe in ourselves when things are hard. And most of all, you have taught us that middle school isn’t scary. Thank you. Keira Moore

Maryam Siddiqui: Thank you so much for being a great teacher! It is amazing that you always show up for students when they need someone. You make class so fun, and many students look forward to your class. You are such a fun person to be around! You care more about your students’ well being than their grades, and that is a really great thing to have in a teacher. You help students when they need it, and you do your best to make things easy to understand. You have made my 7th grade experience so awesome! Thank you for all that you do for your students! Megan Willis

Kathy Schiltz: Thank you Mom for being a great teacher and example for me. You are the best mom and teacher ever!! You work so hard and I really like when I get to see you every day at school. You’re the best! Jesse Schiltz

Kathy Schiltz: Thanks for being so nice and cool. You are the nicest teacher on the planet. You are also an amazing mom. You’re the best, Sarah Schiltz

Julie Smith: Thank you for always being nice and “chill.” Rosalie Parada

Jeffery Otterby: Thank you for being awesome! I am really happy that I got you as a Social Studies teacher! Shika Shah

Daniel Ballines: Thank you mr b, for being such an amazing pe teacher. you may not know but you actually helped me a lot. i appreciate you so much, thank you for being my teacher. Kai (Cara) Palmer

Allison Brummel: You are an amazing teacher and work so hard everyday. You always make sure I’m happy. Thank you so much for your effort in this school year for every 7th grader. We love you so much!! Laine Boudreau

Diane Polillo: Thank you for making me feel comfortable at school and talking to me. You are like my school mom, thank you. You mean more than you know to me. Lizmary (Eli) Barajas

Brandon Petersen: Thank you for being super cool and being the best teacher I’ve had this year. I look forward into going into your class everyday! Your super cool Mr. P.! Lizmary (Eli) Barajas

Brandon Petersen: Thank you for being the highlight of my day! Making me smile after I thought I couldn’t. Giving me courage that I never had, and being like a third parent to me. Thank you for being you Mr. Petersen. Gianna Harris

Elizabeth Zeno: Thank you for giving a wonderful year as my 1st hour teacher, and letting me sit by my friends. Joseph Augelli

Kelly Spotak: She is the only french teacher in the building at wredling middle school and deals with 200+ students on a daily basis and gets in grades very quick. Andrew Torelli

Terry Celeya: I would like to thank Celeya for always being an amazing teacher to my classes and many more classes and I would like to say he is under-appreciated and should be thanked more for how hard he works for us and always has a smile on his face and just always willing to help us with our struggles in class. He has just always been there to help us and he honestly deserves a better class than us. I think Celeya deserves more recognition then just this much more. Julian Andrade

Christine Richards: Thank you Mrs. Richard for everything you do for me. You make me smile and make my day better. I appreciate all you do for me and I love having you as a teacher. Thank you again for making my day amazing! Chloe Harry

Jeffery Otterby: Thank you for being a good teacher. Mikayla Barone

Megan Keane: Thank you for always saying hi in the hallway, for always caring about our feelings, for always asking how we’re doing, and for always having a great sense of humor! it all makes a huge difference! Cheyenne Geeve

Mary Ellen Dial: She always has a positive attitude that makes my day. She pays attention to the students and how they feel. She cares about her students very much. Lacy Watson

Kelly Spotak: Our 4th period class just feels like a whole family, and you are the only french teacher in the whole school. You always put up with us, and you’re my favorite teacher. I’m glad I had you last year and this year, and i am looking forward to having you next year. Gwenyth Sawyer

Sharon Wroble: She has been the best teacher i have has this year, she is so nice and caring and just overall the best teacher you could ever ask for. Reagan Selvick

Michelle Rybski: Thank you so so much for making choir a wonderful, safe space! I’m always excited to come to your class. Our musical family is an incredible thing to have as a class. Thank you for being the best choir teacher out there. Much love to you! Francesca Cerveny

Erik Swenson: Thank you for everything you have done for me. I have really enjoyed band this year! I loved all the songs we played and being in Honors band this year! Thank you again! Sincerely, Emma P. Wright

Elizabeth Dolan: Thank you Mrs. Dolan you have made my school life so much less stressful. I worry about social studies tests because you help us prepare for it and give us Kahoots to study. I get such good grades in your class because I’m determined to get a good score. You also give us days to catch up and go outside for a mental health day. Natalia Konstant

Katherine Kerby-Mennecke: Mrs. Kerby, you have been one of my favorite teachers all year and i’m so happy I got you as a teacher and I will be praying on all that is holy that I get you as a teacher again next year. I have grown to be the most comfortable with you as a teacher and it was to be expected. I love how you make our lessons fun but aren’t afraid to put your foot down when needed. You are overall just an amazing teacher. Ella Bernhard

Timothy Massie: Thank you for everything you’ve taught me over the year! #economicschoicesscarcity Sophia DiMaria

Daniel Ballines: Thank you for being a cool teacher. You made me like gym class; that’s quite a feat. I know it’s probably pretty odd to thank a gym because you didn’t really teach me all that much. Though you made the year more bearable so thank you for that. Jay Canada

Ashly Lubrano: You have given me the best experience for language class let alone the whole 6th grade. Mazin Qadri

Sheila Pollastrini: Thank You, Mrs. Pollastrini for all the extra efforts you make to help me learn and like science. You are my favorite teacher! Brock Almgren

Amanda Havlik: You were an amazing teacher, and I can’t wait for the time capsule opening! Thank you for being an educator. Good luck to your current class and all the classes to come. Analiese Garza

Maria Vilchis: Thank you for loving all of us like family. Your selfless work does not go unrecognized. I’m truly lucky to have you as my teacher. You are my favorite teacher and I wish there could be more people like you! Annalisse Roman Flores

Courtney Kuzynowski: I’ve had kids in school for 18 years and Mrs. Kuzynowski by far has been the best teacher we’ve had. Christian Reyna

Jackie Mason: Thank you Mrs. Mason for your constant patience, care, and guidance that you have given our daughter. She has grown so much in her confidence, social skills and academics this year. We cannot thank you enough for making her class the joyful and loving little family that it has become! Lexi Brierley

Stephanie Turner: Mrs. Turner is my kindergarten teacher and she is just as nice as my mom! I love her! Ziggy Carlson

Aaron Clark: Thank you for being the best teacher ever! You are patient and kind, and make students feel cared for. You also have the coolest class pet! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! You’re the best. Jack Murdock

Katie Normoyle: Ms. Normoyle, thank you making such an impact on our child’s life. Your patience and ability to communicate with us is much appreciated. We see you after house attending school related functions. You always put yourself out into the community. Our child loves school because of you! Thank you for being an above and beyond Kindergarten teacher. Alex Smith

Karen Saccamondo: We have never encountered a teacher that has been more passionate and dedicated to the true meaning of teaching. She has listened to our concerns and made all the necessary changes to ensure my student has a successful education, monitoring his progress and challenges with consistent change as needed. We have felt heard and respected and have built a solid relationship, the three of us. I hope that she is valued. Deanna Leslie

DonnaAnne Marvin: Thank you for helping my daughter grow at her own comfort level! You have been an AMAZING tool in her confidence not only with school but with all social situations as well! Sydney Slivka

Tracy Jensen: Thank you so much Mrs. Jensen for everything you’ve done for me and never gave up on making me feel appreciated and safe at school. Dylan Stoops

Sandra Ishaq: You have really helped a lot in math. You answer questions even when they are the most ridiculous ones. You have made me start to like math and want to try my hardest and not quit. Thank you so much for my 8th grade year in math. Erika Busche

Brannon Aiello Hello, My name is Erika Enders and I want to thank my fourth grade teacher Dr. Aiello, she made such a positive impact in my life always supporting me and for the first time I really looked forward to going to school. She encouraged me to do what I loved and be confident in myself I will never forget what she has done for me. Thank you! Erika Enders

Michelle Rybski Thank you for giving me a safe space to meet new friends and sing! Gwen Page 60175 Lynda Marquez Thanks for all the math you teach me. Jackson Pomykala

Jeffery Otterby: Thank you Mr. Otterby you are the best teacher and you make my day and every one in our classes days everyday. Jake Turoff

Hannah Zipoy: Thank you for allowing Landon to be his true self in your class. He has made tremendous growth this year and you are a huge reason for that! Landon Lind

Lori Algrim: You are a master of your craft. It is crystal clear that you understand my child not only as a learner, but also as a whole person. You have taken the time to bond with him, helped him to overcome challenges, and creatively engaged him through his interests. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making his first grade year such a successful and enjoyable one. Jimmy Campbell

Jessica Leyden: Thank you for doing so much for our students. You are an amazing special education teacher! To work in a self-contained classroom full of students with various needs takes patience and resilience. You also take the time out of your personal life to volunteer for special olympic practices and games for not only for our students but others within the district. We appreciate you. Julian Aguirre

Mrs. Jessie Shaw: Thank you for all the things you do to help us learn. You are really nice and kind. Gwendolyn Chilicki

Melanie Lipecki: Mrs. Lipecki has been my favorite teacher since before our first day of school. When I met her I remember thinking she was so nice just from the look of her. She helps challenge me and makes sure I understand our topics, while at the same time being my friend. I think everyone should have a teacher like my english language arts teacher. She’s so helpful and selfless all the time, even when our class is more chatty that ideal. I will definitely be visiting her next year and be so sad to leave her this summer. If I got to choose a teacher to switch to 7th grade with me, it would be her. I am so grateful to have her as my teacher. Thank you Mrs. Lipecki. Juliana Morgan

Kathleen Konstan: Mrs. Konstan has gone above and beyond. She has been able to be proactive with my son and she always work with not only him but also the parents to make sure he is set up for success. She has been amazing, and I can see the difference she has made. She has prepared my son not just academically; she prepared him for life. Thank you for all of the lessons you taught him. We will remember them, and you are forever. Thank you for celebrating his accomplishments this past year and making him feel like a superstar. Blaize Keenon

Jami Windau: Thank you, Mrs. Windau for going above and beyond to enrich Oliver’s first grade experience! Your enthusiasm for teaching inspires Oliver to work hard, and makes him love learning. The countless hours you dedicate to your students in and out of the classroom is greatly appreciated. The world needs more teachers like you!! Oliver Fogle

Elizabeth Naatz: Thank you for truly loving what you do! Words can’t express how much you are loved by ALL of your students, you a making a difference in their life, and teaching them to be life-long learners! THANK YOU! Summer Bruns

Alison DuCharm: Thank you for truly loving what you do! Words can’t express how much you are loved by ALL the students. YOU make a difference in their life’s by bringing positivity, character and kindness! THANK YOU for being the advocate kids need. Summer Bruns

Sandra Ishaq: I think u might be my FAVORITE teacher u are kind SMART and loving u are the best teacher ever. Leila Chalhoub

Timmothy Massie: He is my favorite teacher of all time now. He helped me through hard social studies topics and such. The NYDC trip was great because he would go into depth with what happened at those building in DC such as the treasury. Landon Paul

Ms. Bonny Palmer: Thank you Ms. Bonny for going above and beyond to provide your students with the best preschool experience! Your love and care is always appreciated! We couldn’t have asked for a better first teacher! Thank you for all you do! Stella Scolire

Mrs Kathy Lillig: Thank you for making each class so much fun. You are kind, caring and so understanding. You take time with all your students and make each one feel so special! Harper Dempsey

Mrs. Anne Hilby: She is phenomenal. Sweet, caring, fun, and everything a preschool teacher should be. Jacob Bonifas

Colleen Soelke: Mrs. Soelke is the best teacher you could EVER meet. She is so funny and makes everything fun! At the same time, she educates us so well that our class always knows exactly what we are doing. She is passionate, caring, and she always helps me when I am stuck on a problem. She is funny and will tease us sometimes and say: You can interrupt my group if you see Taylor Swift holding a cat!” Haha. She is so kind. She is an amazing teacher and all students would be lucky to have her as their teacher. Hadley Strom

Maria Reece: I would like to thank my third grade teacher Mrs. Reece for being the most encouraging, helpful, kind teacher. I have grown so much in her class. She cares about her students and pushes us to do our best. Whenever a student is sad, she makes them feel better. I appreciate you Mrs. Reece and I wish I could have you next year too! Emmett Williams

Laura Miller: Thank you Mrs. Miller for being the best first grade teacher ever. Thank you for teaching us, for reading us books, and for the fun auction you do where we can use our Miller money we earn. You are so kind and you are fun! Thank you for everything! Love, Emmett Williams

Jeffery Otterby: Mr Otterby is super funny in class and makes my day he is so nice to us and helps us learn. Nathan Ladines

Romessa Mirza: I want to thank you for being an amazing teacher. Aside from always making sure we know how to solve every single math problem in the shortest, easiest way possible, your willingness to help even with issues outside the class means so much, not only to me, but to other students as well. You are such an inspiration to me, and I hope to be at least half the person you are when I grow up! Thank you for everything! Nuha Mohammed

Karen McCloughan: Thank you, Mrs. McCloughan, for being kind and patient. Thank you for always offering grace and teaching us to be kind to each other. Thank you for giving us 2nd chances when we fail our tests or when we don’t turn in our works. Thank you for understanding us. Thank you for making school fun for us, you are very funny! Also, thank you for making our classroom colorful, organized, and fun for us. Margaux Conol

Jenna Bruhn: Ms. Bruhn - Thank you for always being an inspiration to me and many others at St. Charles North HS. I wish your dedication to us would be replicated by all teachers. I will miss seeing you everyday and having our little chats. Thanks for inspiring me and others in the Class of 2023! Olivia Fulfs

Asim Gaffar: Thank you for being the one teacher who does it all and helps me understand absolutely everything! I’ve never learned as much as I have in your class as I have in anyone elses! Sehrish Pandit

Gina Gavelek: Thank you for being patient with me while I learn how focus more at the tasks at hand. Robert Poett

Sara Consdorf: I am biased but I believe my wife, Sara Consdorf, should be recognized. She is a FCS teacher at Geneva High School and has done amazing things! She has created a Pre School program from scratch, teacher pathway program from scratch and is beloved by all her students! You should really look into the amazing things she does!! Roger Consdorf

Samantha Batka: Thank you for improving my work Mrs. Batka. You really helped me with my math while I didn’t understand. Thank you for being there for me. Kylie Burke

Lanie Weck: Our whole family thanks you, Miss Weck, for the compassion you have for your students. You have positively impacted both Ethan and Edward (along with all the children you’ve taught), and we are going to miss you tons! You have amazing patience and an even more amazing way of teaching young minds. We are truly blessed to have had you the two years you sent spent at our school. We wish you only amazing things on your next chapter. Thanks for being you and really embodying the morals of our school. THANK YOU!ad you the two years you sent spent at our school. We wish you only amazing things on your next chapter. Thanks for being you and really embodying the morals of our school. THANK YOU! Ethan Sjoquist

Kimberly Kathe: Thank you Mrs. Kathe for being there for me and helping me have fun at Anderson. Beckett Davis

Jodi Christiansen: Thank you Mrs. C. For helping me grow and always being patient and supportive. I would not have been successful transitioning to Kindergarten without you! I love you! Wyatt Hastings

Lori Renee Boehm: Thank Ms. Boehm for being more like a mom/cool older sister to all of your students while still teaching them about our history. I know that most if not all of your students appreciate your humor and your style of teaching. Stephanie Brennan

VERONIQUE: Dear Mr. Collons, Thank you for your dedication! You made AP Calc as interesting as can be during remote learning in 2021. You kept my daughter and her class engaged, with Zoom, iPads and e-pens. You made a point to engage all students. Much appreciation and respect for what you do! Veronique Saxe (parent) Abigail Saxe

Erica Swan: I would like to thank Ms.Swan, she is my special education teacher and case manager. She has allowed to me to thrive in my educational experience and has aided me in furthering my education. Thank you Ms.Swan. Zachary Neblock