Harding man heads back to La Salle County Jail after initial release

Police say man damaged property with a chainsaw, made threats with bow and arrow leading to school lockdown

Russell Farley, 35, of Harding

A Harding man went back to La Salle County Jail a day after being released, following an incident Tuesday that led to a 15-minute lockdown at Harding Grade School.

Russell Farley, 35, was arrested again Tuesday afternoon after deputies were told he was damaging property with a chainsaw and making threats with a bow and arrow.

As a precaution, the La Salle County Sheriff’s Office informed Harding Grade School. The school went on a soft lockdown, keeping students in their classrooms. After about 15 minutes on lockdown, the sheriff’s office then informed the school the incident was taken care of and the school proceeded with its schedule, Superintendent Rich Faivre said.

Farley was first arrested Monday on a complaint of aggravated domestic battery, according to a La Salle County Sheriff’s Office report. After visiting with a victim at OSF St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Ottawa about a reported battery that occurred in Harding, deputies said Farley was arrested at 12:56 a.m. in Harding.

Farley was released Monday on pretrial release conditions.

Following his release, he was charged on complaints of criminal damage to property and aggravated assault with a weapon in regard to the complaints that led the school to lockdown. The case remains under investigation and more charges are possible, police said.

Farley remains in La Salle County Jail until his court date.