Thank You Teacher Letters for the Daily Chronicle

Read thank you teacher letters from students to DeKalb County area teachers

Letters to Teachers for Thank You Teachers

Teacher: Meghan Anderson - Thank you for being a great teacher and always being the sweetest teacher - Abbie Russell, DeKalb

Teacher: Megan Anderson - You are an amazing teacher and you help me when ever I need help. Thank you so much. - Kara Zimmerman, DeKalb

Teacher: Lauren Comstock - Thank you Miss Comstock for helping me with my work and checking if i needed help when i didn’t know when to ask so i wanted to say thank you. - Devon Delaney, DeKalb

Teacher: Phil Rouse - Thank you Mr. Rouse for being one of the few teachers that believed in me throughout my high school career. You’ve impacted my life positively and I don’t know how I’ll be able to repay you for it. Thank you Coach. - Avery Flores, DeKalb

Teacher: Kim Posega - Thank you for being the BEST teacher to me and to all of your other students. - Alyssa McLaughlin, DeKalb

Teacher: Nataliya Zimmerman - Madame Zimmerman has been an excellent French teacher for both Ian and his older brother. She has provided opportunities to study French culture inside and outside of the classroom. She has held students’ accountable for their homework and been flexible during these pandemic times. She expects excellence from every student she interacts with. There are not enough words to express how awesome Madame Zimmerman is! - Ian Wickens-Walther, DeKalb

Teacher: Ann Sullivan - Mrs Sullivan was my kindergarten teacher and she was great! She made me like school even when I did not want to be there. - Lars Carlson, Kirkland

Teacher: Olivia Frye - To Olivia Frye at Jefferson School Tank you for supporting me every day and for helping me grow! Love you Roy Grada - Roy Grada, DeKalb

Teacher: Amy Engstrom - Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me to do my best. I have learned many valuable lessons this year. I will keep doing my best until 1 day I am a teacher, just like you are. Even if you don’t win the contest you will always be a winner to me and my favorite teacher. - Harper Montgomery, DeKalb

Teacher: Katherine Slou - Hi my name is Sydney and I would like to nominate one of the best teachers I have ever had. Her name is Mrs. Slou, these are the reasons I think she deserves to win. first she started the empowerment club in are school. It is a place for kids to go and help make a difference in are school and community. she circles us up and talks to us honestly every time we have a problem. She also wrote a book grant to get us more representative books for are classroom. Now we have a large selection of books. she also went hybrid even when it was optional for her students. She truly cares about us even when we leave. Thank you Mrs. slou.- Sydney Nall

Teacher: Christine Vest - Mrs. Vest. DeKalb High School’s paragon of the history program. She’s known for her energetic teaching style and passion towards all topics of history. But beyond that, Mrs. Vest is beloved by the student body for her care and dedication to her students. Mrs. Vest herself has served as a second-mother figure for me. With the struggle of returning to school amidst COVID-19, Mrs. Vest provided support and encouragement that I wouldn’t have gotten through senior year without. A shoulder to lean on, a person who’s always there to talk and give advice despite her numerous papers to grade; alongside my history teacher all in one. I’ve had Mrs. Vest in two of her AP classes extending from junior to senior year, and her commitment to push her students to provide them the most “normal” high school experience possible is what I’m forever grateful for. Although I’m graduating soon, I know for as long as Mrs. Vest works at DeKalb High School, every child enrolled in her class will receive this same love she provides unconditionally for each of her students. When you hear “DeKalb High School”, Mrs. Vest is one of those standout teachers that is a blessing to have within our community. Over my high school career I’ve struggled with anxiety, and Mrs. Vest helped alleviate this with her aforementioned unconditional support. She taught me life-lessons as well; the value of honesty, hard-work, communication and a newfound appreciation for learning. Her passion for history is contagious and has inspired me to further my education. Although to her I may be a former student, she will always be my history teacher to me. Thank you Mrs. Vest for making these past two years memorable. - Kate Kaminski, Sycamore

Teacher: Bruce Chennell - Thank you for making me fall in love with history. You made me see that learning is a lifelong commitment we have to choose every day, but that it is so rewarding when we do! Thank you.-Kendall Hampton, DeKalb

Teacher: Amy Haeseker - We love Ms Haeseker!! Best 1st grade teacher EVER!! Like in the whole world!-Jaxi and Max Elliott/Boyd, Sycamore

Teacher: Mrs. Juley Warner - Kathryn loves having Mrs. Warner as her 1st grade teacher! She is very nice, friendly, helpful and caring. She goes the extra mile to make sure the kids are engaged, learning and also having fun. Thank you for making me fall in love with history. You made me see that learning is a lifelong commitment we have to choose every day, but that it is so rewarding when we do. - Kristy Langstraat-Bolte, Newark

Teacher: Amanda Baum - Thank you for being the teacher who made me certain that teaching was the career for me, despite how difficult it is. I can never express how grateful I am for your unconditional love and care, from the moment I first stepped foot into your CRMS classroom ten years ago. Your ability to connect with every student in this way amazes me. Your passion and drive for supporting students, families, and the community remind me everyday of why we do what we do as educators. Thank you!!! - Lily Smith-Riel, DeKalb

Teacher: Lauren Comstock - Thank you, Miss Comstock for being the best math teacher of all times! You are so funny and kind. - Laina Livengood, DeKalb

Teacher: Haley Albamonte - Thank you for being the best teacher ever. Thank you for always helping me and listening to me. Thank you for helping me get into fun things at school. Thank you for being the best and most amazing teacher. - Audra Lehner, DeKalb

Teacher: Linda Dunham-My boys both had you as a teacher at Malta Elementary (one had you twice). You are still their favorite teacher and continue to check in and ask how they’re doing years later. Thank you for all you do for all of your students, but especially my boys! - Ryan Villalobos, DeKalb

Teacher: Brittany Bauer-Thank you for being the light in my son’s day this year at Huntley Middle School! He loves your class and frequently talks about how kind and caring you are. - Ryan Villalobos, DeKalb

Teacher: Laurie Villalobos - Thank you for being an amazing middle school soccer coach and PE teacher! My son loved playing soccer for you and still talks about how amazing you were at coaching. Also, thank you for helping our family get through a very difficult year a few years ago. You went above and beyond to make sure the boys were doing well! - Ryan Villalobos, DeKalb

Teacher: Julie Bartels - Thank you for instilling amazing values, and being an integral part of my children’s educational groundwork. I appreciate all the time and dedication you put into each and every day you are with them. Not to mention, all you do behind the scenes. It is amazing to see all the academic progress. You are one in a million! - Nova Gehringer, Genoa

Teacher: Robin Enders - Thank you for being such an amazing and special person in my life throughout my middle school years. You are one of the best ever. I love you! - Hunter Coulter, DeKalb

Teacher: Rosario Magaña - Thank you Mrs. Magaña for being the best teacher. I like to be in your class I wouldn’t want to go to 2nd grade because I want to be a 1st grade and be in your class. Thank you for being THE BEST TEACHER!!!!! - Christian Jiminez Alvarado

Teacher: Amy Walker - Thank you Mrs Walker for making school fun. I like to write now and think you are the best teacher ever. -Collin 1st grade - Collin Brandmeyer, Sycamore

Teacher: Dominique Yackley - Thank you for always going that extra mile for my son. We truly appreciate you! - DJ Lorenzo, DeKalb

Teacher: Kristy Langstraat-Bolte - I am 7 and in 1st Grade at Haskin Grade school in Sandwich, IL. The teacher I want to nominate is my mom. She is a substitute teacher at my school and sometimes she teaches my room. What a great day when my mom is my teacher. Everyone loves her. She teaches special ed classes and up and works really hard to be the best substitute teacher that she can be. All the kids love her and I love her more because she is my mom. My grandpa is typing this for me. I hope she can win. Thank you. - Kathryn Bolte, Newark

Teacher: Brian Balika - I am former student. Brian makes music/band fun! Music is a needed class for kids to round out their education. - Randy Culver, DeKalb

Teacher: Carol Zelaya - Ms Zelaya gives 110% to her students. We appreciate her so much! Thank you! - Madelyn Prouty, DeKalb

Teacher: Rebecca Banta - Ms.Banta is amazingly patient and kind. She works to help her students in the ways that each student learns. She motivates and encourages students so that they enjoy and look forward to coming to school everyday. - Brennan Hill, DeKalb

Teacher: Toni Gabriel - Thank you Mrs. Gabriel for ALWAYS believing in me. Your positivity and encouragement has pushed me a litter further because you know that I could do it. Your endless creativity passion make it so enjoyable to be in your class. - Owen Bohne, Genoa

Teacher: Erica Swan - This thank you goes out to my case manager and Special Education teacher, Ms.Swan. She has helped me through sports, school and everything in between. Without her I would not be the same person I am today. I feel she makes me -and everyone else she works with- an incredible person. She is underappreciated and hopefully this thank you will help fix that. You are a wonderful person and two words will not serve justice. I cannot say this enough Ms.Swan, thank you for all that you do. - Zachary Neblock, Genoa

Teacher: Amy Russell - Thank you for always helping me do my best, and when I don’t understand something you always work with me until I do. You have helped me get more confident in math and reading and I am always exited to show my mom how much I’ve learned. You have made this year back to school so fun and easy to adjust to. Thank you for helping me love school again! I’m going to miss having you as a teacher! - Declan Joyce, DeKalb

Teacher: Tracy Paszotta - You are a superhero teacher that makes school so fun! I love all of the songs and dances, even if we have to learn about creepy insects. You are so funny and so nice. I wish you could be my teacher forever. Thank you for helping me learn and teaching me in two languages! I will miss you this summer! - Mason Roinas, DeKalb