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Bureau County to upgrade vital and land records

Board hopes to increase ease of use and decrease foot traffic to courthouse

The Bureau County Courthouse, built in 1937, is at 700 S. Main St. in Princeton.

Bureau County Board has authorized spending of $650,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to update courthouse land and vital statistics records.

These funds; $163,500 for County Clerk and Recorder’s imaging system for vital records and $425,800 for County Clerk and Recorder’s imaging system for land records; will allow the entirety of the county’s records to be digitized and be made remotely accessible.

Board member Kerwin Paris (R-LaMoille) said the digitization of records will make them more easily accessible to the public, as well as reduce foot traffic in the courthouse for those who regularly access records including attorneys, land surveyors and other professionals.

The board also approved $25,000 in ARPA funds to assist with facility build-out for Project Success of Eastern Bureau County (food pantry).

The board approved a commodity flow study for all Bureau County roads, railways and barges in the amount of $19,993.

County Emergency Management Agency Director Keenan Campbell said the study, which is funded 80% by grants and 20% by county hazmat funds, will allow townships and municipalities to get a screenshot of road, railway, barge and freight patterns in order to better plan critical infrastructure projects.

The study will map truck counts over four seasons as well as assess rail and barge traffic over a 1 year period.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the board also approved a number of appointments. Keith Cain (R-Princeton) was appointed to E911 board as county board liaison.

Scott Etheridge was appointed to replace Chuck Woolley as Princeton Fire Chief representative on E911 board.

Randal Lootens was appointed to Manlius Fire Protection District trustee until May 4, 2025.

Three reappointments were also approved including Todd McKee to Seatonville Fire Protection District for 3-year term, James Draper to Sheffield Fire Protection District for 3-year term and Timothy Harris to Princeton Fire Protection District for 3-year term.