June 14, 2021

New Lenox School D122 receives low bids for projects

New Lenox School District 122 has received bids for its capital improvement projects for the summer.

The district has estimated a total cost of $2.4 million to complete all the projects.

Business Manager Bob Groos said the bids have been coming back at good numbers, specifically noting the interior wall painting bid at Oster-Oakview track replacement bid at Liberty and Martino. The track bid came back lower than what the district estimated at $229,200, as well as the painting bid which came in at $96,400.

The most important project — the Nelson Campus parking lot replacement — came back with good numbers, but the two lowest bidders had to drop out.

"The lowest bidder looked really good, but they were way off," he said.

Groos said the companies didn't account for certain price of the design, so the district will likely move on to the third lowest bidder. The estimated project cost for the parking lot replacement at Nelson is $839,000.

The bid that the board will review came back at $460,000.

The board also received a bid at $306,725 to provide asphalt repairs at Martino, Liberty, Haven Administration Center and Cherry Hill.

"I can tell you that we see the bids coming in under budget," Groos said. "That is a good sign and at the December board meeting we'll bring to you who the final bidders are and what the final budgets are. It's going to look the same or better than what we showed you previously in terms of cost."

Groos also said the board will discuss extra projects to add to the summer 2021 project list at its January strategic planning meeting.