Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen runs with the ball during the first half Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks in Orchard Park, N.Y.
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen runs with the ball during the first half Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks in Orchard Park, N.Y.

Our power rankings are updated each week during the NFL’s regular season and are intended to rank teams based on their talent and performance to date.

Rankings will change each week because of personnel changes, injuries and performance, and a team’s ranking in any given week has no impact on where they might rank in weeks to come.

These are our NFL Week 10 Power Rankings:

1. Pittsburgh (8-0): Letdown in Dallas to be expected, best ‘till someone beats them.

2. Kansas City (8-1): A real chance to repeat but defense can be a soft spot to watch.

3. Baltimore (6-2): Nice statement in Indy, Jackson needs to beat good teams, he did.

4. New Orleans (6-2): Looks like the Saints we expected may be starting to show up.

5. Buffalo (7-2): Didn’t see Seahawks rout coming, have to watch closer now.

6. Seattle (6-2): We’ll give them a coast-to-coast mulligan but ‘D’ is a big problem.

7. Green Bay (6-2): Impressive in Frisco but Rodgers, Adams can’t win ‘em all alone.

8. Tennessee (6-2): Did ‘D’ take step forward vs. Bears or Bears just that bad?

9. Indianapolis (5-3): Hard to sort out why this offense is struggling like it is.

10. Tampa Bay (6-3): Was Saints game just a letdown or a sign of things to come?

11. Miami (5-3): Tua a big part of the puzzle in dessert. Brian Flores for Coach of the Year?

12. L.A. Rams (5-3): Let’s see if a week off helped them find some balance.

13. Arizona (5-3): Still can’t tell if this is going to work consistently or not.

14. Las Vegas (5-3): Plenty of missing pieces but enough here to win games they should.

15. Chicago (5-4): No shame losing to Rams, Saints and Titans, but can’t win with that offense.

16. Cleveland (5-3): Too up, down, not buying this yet, let’s see what second half brings.

17. Minnesota (3-5): Run game rolling now, but is it too little, too late on ‘D’?

18. San Francisco (4-5): Just too hard to gauge where M.A.S.H. unit is at.

19. Philadelphia (3-4-1): Playing better but lineup just not that impressive.

20. Atlanta (3-6): Have won 3 of 4 in soft spot in schedule, look what’s coming.

21. Denver (3-5): They’re game but like 49ers, injury list reads like War and Peace.

22. New England (3-5): A lot of you may hate them but this is still kind of sad to watch.

23. Detroit (3-5): What can we say, just when we thought maybe – they’re still the Lions.  

24. Cincinnati (2-5-1): Burrow looks like the real deal, let’s see who he beats in second half.

25. Carolina (3-6): Rhule has something going but there is still build in rebuilding.

26. L. A. Chargers (2-6): They keep finding ways to lose. Should Lynn be in trouble?

27. N.Y. Giants (2-7): Have lost by more than one score just twice. Are these guys closer than we think?

28. Washington (2-6): No reason for Alex Smith not have his job back now.

29. Dallas (2-7): Who knew a bye could be best day of Cowboys season this year?

30. Houston (2-6): Pretty hard to get excited about squeaking by Jags, where’s J.J.?

31. Jacksonville (1-7): Trevor Lawrence favorites? Look at schedule rest of the way.

32. N.Y. Jets (0-9): Softer road for Jets but not easy, 0-16 still well within their grasp.