Pierog: 'I’m humbled and honored for the opportunity to serve'

Rickert concedes to Pierog in Kane Board chair race

Kane County Treasurer David Rickert conceded the race for Kane County Board chairman to Corinne Pierog Friday according to a social media post.

Pierog, who will be the county’s first Democratic woman board chair said it was an emotion morning for her.

“I’m humbled and honored for the opportunity to serve as Kane County’s next board chair,” Pierog said. “Thank you to everyone who participated in this election, including Dave Rickert, whom I look forward to working with for the betterment of Kane County’s citizens.”

Rickert will continue to serve as treasurer for the county.

“From an increase in covid cases to small businesses in crisis, we are facing a significant challenge in the months ahead,” Pierog said. “But these are not partisan issues. And then we all come together for the good of Kane County. I

know we will emerge from our current crisis stronger than ever”

Rickert posted to Facebook that he was conceding to Pierog.

“Although not mathematically eliminated, it's time to call this race. Congratulations to Ms. Pierog the next county chairman,” Rickert’s Facebook post stated.

“Once, again thank you to all of those who helped and encouraged me. It's time for me to roll up my sleeves and continue to serve as Kane County's Treasurer. Also, I plan to spend a lot of quality time with my friends and family.”

According to unofficial election results, Pierog led with 113,386 votes to Rickert’s 111,507. The Kane County Clerk’s Office has continued to update results as mail-in ballots are counted. The office has until Nov. 17 to count mail-in and provisional ballots.

Pierog and other county officials will be sworn in next month.