August 16, 2022
Letters to the Editor

'Donald Trump cares about one thing ... Donald Trump'

I am so disappointed in last week's editorial by William Kozma. His letter goes beyond the pale.
It is pathetic that so many citizens believe Donald Trump and Fox News. Almost four years into his presidency it has been proven he has told thousands of lies.

Trump proves the old saying, "Tell a lie often enough and people will start to believe it."  It also bothers me more than a little that his supporters so easily leave their morals behind. Do they really believe it's okay to be with another woman while Melania gave birth to their son? Are they filled with pride as he brags, on tape, that women will let him do anything he wants because he's such a celebrity? I won't repeat the word he used because it's base and so representative of his crassness.

Oh, and just a reminder, Mr. Kozma, Donald Trump DID call our soldiers losers and suckers.  I watched and heard him say it on TV myself.  So it is not a lie, it's a fact, just like so many other "facts" you are unwilling to admit.

Regarding COVID-19, researchers at Stanford University have turned Trump's rallies into "a case study in wrongness" according to Daily Kos. Looking just at rallies held between June 20 and Sept. 22, they came up with a total of 30,000 cases. That means Donald Trump isn't just ignoring the pandemic, or even encouraging herd immunity. He is the nation's single largest vector of disease. That is just a fact. And though you might want to stick your head in the sand or decide to reside in that alternate universe Donald Trump lives in, it will remain a fact!

Like Trump I imagine you discount what Dr. Fauci and other experts say regarding the wearing of masks. It is a proven fact that they cut down on transmission of the virus. So, if for no other reason, be a good citizen, think of someone other than yourself and wear a mask.

Donald Trump cares about one thing ... Donald Trump. He doesn't have an empathetic bone in his body.


Judith Haggenjos