August 16, 2022
Letters to the Editor

‘President Trump truly cares about America’

I would like to respond to Leo McCauley’s editorial about President Trump.

Let’s start with the picture of the president alone on a balcony of his home taking off a mask. Oh my god, how horrible. Does Mr. McCauley wear a mask in his home? Mr. Trump was the first leader to suspend travel to and from China and was called a racist. He saved thousands of lives doing that while Governor Cuomo of New York caused the deaths of thousands by forcing nursing homes to take virus infected patients into their facilities.

The President had a hospital ship anchor off New York which was never used. He gave Cuomo and Newsome everything they asked for and was praised by them. So don’t tell me he caused thousands of deaths when in fact he saved lives. I suppose you blame him for the deaths around the world too.

As for lies, it is the left who lie about President Trump. Russian conspiracy hoax, a lie. Proved by the Russian investigation. The president backs terrorist groups. Lie. He has denounced these groups over 17 times. Ukranian quid pro quo hoax. Made up by an anonymous person. Lie.
Called fallen soldiers losers and suckers. Another lie by an anonymous source who waited 18 months to bring this out. Why? Over 210,000 killed by COVID mostly due to Mr. Trump, another untruth. The majority of deaths have been elderly people with underlying medical problems. The medical problem plus virus caused most of deaths not the virus by itself. President Trump did everything possible to save lives.

Wearing a mask keeps from getting the virus, untrue. In July, 70% of people catching the virus wore a mask constantly and another 14% wore a mask most often. CDC figures. President Trump is working hard to unite the country. Hispanic and black communities are waking up to the truth that the president has their best interests in his heart. He calls for school choice and endorses charter schools. Parents are lining up to get their children into these schools.

Most of the hatred in America stems from the left and the media. They say America is a systemic racist country which could not be further from the truth. They divide the country with this lie. They are telling America that if you are black it is unsafe to leave your home because of racist police which is nonsense.

So Mr. McCauley, stop blaming President Trump for everything and get your facts straight. The greatest economy ever (until the shutdown but coming back), millions of jobs created, worker’s salary increases (over $5,000 in three years), historic peace agreement in the middle east, safe borders, revamped the veterans administration, prison reform, foreign companies building plants in America, lower taxes and on and on with great programs.

All these successes attained despite the vicious attacks by the media, big tech and Hollywood elite. President Trump truly cares about America.

William Kozma