Livingston County coronavirus update: 11 residents, 1 Pontiac inmate test positive

Eleven more Livingston County residents and one inmate at Pontiac Correctional Center have tested positive for COVID-19.

The newly confirmed cases are a boy younger than 10; a boy and a girl younger than 20; two men and two women in their 20s; a man and a woman in their 40s; a woman in her 50s; and a woman in her 90s (asymptomatic at the time of testing), all of whom are recovering in isolation. The Illinois Department of Corrections also reports its case is a man in his 20s, who is recovering in isolation.

As of Friday, the LCHD has received 16,841 COVID-19 test results. Of those, 640 COVID-19 tests have been positive, 537 of the previously positive individuals have been removed from isolation, 93 cases remain active, five individuals are hospitalized, and 10 cases have resulted in death because of complications related to COVID-19.

Per Illinois Department of Public Health data (which sometime lags behind county reports), ZIP code areas with more than five confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic include:

• Pontiac with 236 cases.

• Fairbury with 70 cases.

• Dwight with 63 cases.

• Forrest with 32 cases.

• Flanagan with 31 cases.

• Long Point with 17 cases.

• Cornell with 16 cases.

• Odell with 15 cases.

• Cullom with seven cases.

• Graymont with six cases.