To the Editor:

I am a citizen of the 71st District. More importantly, I am a grandfather of two girls who will be coming of age in an unsteady future.

I want them to have access to the kind of first-rate education that lifts the veil of ignorance responsible for fear, bigotry, and hatred. I want them to go out into the world not only educated, but enlightened. And I want them to be able spread their wings in a region rich with economic opportunity.

Our current representative, Tony McCombie, hasn't even tried to bring the 71st back to it's true potential. She doesn't support the Fair Tax framework that could help bring prosperity back to this region, and her voting record does not reflect any concern for the well-being of children at all, much less for their education. It is time for her to seek employment elsewhere.

Joan Padilla, on the other hand, better understands what this district needs. I've learned from speaking with her that she is a conscientious and devoted grandmother herself. She actually cares about the world we leave behind for the next generation, and this grandpa is proud to support her.

Tim Anderson



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