Troy mathletes bring home gold

The Troy Trojan Mathletes took first place at the recent Mu Alpha Theta Mid-High Math Competition held at Joliet West High School.

The team overwhelmed its seven competing teams by more than 80 points, according to coach Barbara Will-Henn.

She said in a news release from Troy, “You know these kids are doing really great things,” when their awesome competitors yell out ‘Troy’ when the announcer begins toaward the first place overall trophy.”

The team also brought home other trophies.

In the seventh grade fractions category, Kaemon Chism, Paul Coffey, Alex Randolph, Jorgia Smidl and Kevin Trizna took first place.

Troy also took first place in the formulas category, earned by team members Kaemon Chism, Caleb Price, Alex Randolph, Jorgia Smidl and Noah Tarver.

The seventh grade group of Jorgia Smidl,Ben Klein, Paul Coffey and Kevin Trizna also placed first.

Troy’s seventh grade Mental Math team of Alex Randolph and Elijah Zamoras also came home champions with first place awards.

First place was also earned by the Troy eighth grade team in the category of slope by members Caden Baudek, Ivan Chen, Jacob Cucci, Quinn Preis and Paige Rakes.

The team of Caden Baudek, Ivan Chen, Jacob Cucci, Paige Rakes and Hayden Smidl also placed first in the category of systems.

The first place award was also taken by Troy in the category of segments by Caden Baudek, Ivan Chen, Jacob Cucci, Quinn Preis and Hayden Smidl.

Two eighth grade Troy groups also brought home gold, including in the category of mental math, with Quinn Pries and Paige Rakes, and in the category of eighth grade group, with members Caden Baudek, Ivan Chen, Jacob Cucci and Hayden Smidl.

Troy shared second place in the Factors category with Hufford Junior High School.Troy members of that team were Paul Coffey, Ben Klein, Caleb Price, Alex Randolph and Elijah Zamoras.

The Troy Mathletes are coached by Will-Henn and Allison Rose. Students on the team attend Troy Middle School and William B. Orenic Intermediate School.