Letter: Thank you Gov. JB Pritzker, for decisive action in crisis

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To the Editor:

On Friday, Gov. JB Pritzker took the extraordinary step of issuing a “stay-at-home” order.

This type of order, and the COVID-19 outbreak that prompted the action, is unprecedented in my lifetime. I congratulate Gov. Pritzker for taking this quick and decisive action.

Social distancing is required to flatten the curve and spread the peak number of Americans who become ill from this life-threatening virus over a longer period of time. This will allow our medical community to combat COVID-19 and to better deal with the shortages they are experiencing.

Pritzker took this bold action without regard for any political consequences. We, as good American citizens, need to follow his lead and directive. We need to take this seriously, practice social distancing and not go out unless it is absolutely necessary.

We hope that none of our family, friends or acquaintances will die from this outbreak. However, the threat is real and we have to do our part. This action is required to save American lives. The time is now to set aside any political differences and to come together as Americans and fight this horrible virus.

We can, and will, overcome this with strong leadership, tough decisions and our willingness to comply.

When we get past this crisis, we will be stronger, healthier and better prepared for any future outbreaks. We will remember this as the time we became less concerned with partisan politics and more focused on moving forward, together as Americans.

Thank you, Governor Pritzker for your strong leadership!

Matt Swanson


Laborers’ Local 32 & DeKalb County Building Trades