July 23, 2024
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Kendall County Housing Authority gets $290,000 grant for residential disability vouchers

YORKVILLE – Kendall County housing officials announced a grant that could help provide affordable housing for non-elderly disabled people living in the county.

Matt Prochaska, chairman for the Kendall County Housing Authority, said the county recently received a $290,445 grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. He said the grant is meant to provide assistance for the Mainstream Housing Choice Voucher Program and the money will be enough to cover housing vouchers for 25 people within the program.

Prochaska said the funding will allow the county to continue helping people with disabilities to live independently. He said there are currently more than 250 people on the waiting list in Kendall County.

"That's 25 people that we can get off the list," Prochaska said.

According to a news release from Prochaska, the county's voucher program was developed to assist non-elderly persons with disabilities, particularly those who are transitioning out of institutional or other separated settings; at serious risk of institutionalization; currently experiencing homelessness; previously experienced homelessness and currently a client in a permanent supportive housing or rapid rehousing project; or at risk of becoming homeless.

Prochaska said the program also encourages partnerships with health and human service agencies with a demonstrated capacity to coordinate voluntary services and supports to enable individuals to live independently in the community. For those who are unable to get vouchers this time around, he said, they may still be able to take advantage of services and programs provided through the Will County Center for Community Concerns action agency.

Prochaska said there are no housing projects in Kendall County and all housing assistance is voucher-based. He said there are voucher holders in all zip codes within the county and could be used for residential units as long as the payment for the unit a holder would want doesn't exceed the maximum allowance standards set by the housing authority, effective Sunday, Dec. 1.

"It varies greatly by zip codes," Prochaska said.

For example, Prochaska said, the maximum allowance for a voucher holder looking to live in a one-bedroom apartment in Plano would be $737 per month. He said the maximum allowance for a holder looking for a similar apartment in Oswego would be $1,512 per month.

Kendall County is one of nine Illinois housing authorities to receive the funding provided through HUD's Mainstream Housing Choice Voucher Program, according to the news release.

Kendall Housing Authority is a government agency whose commissioners are appointed by the Kendall County Board chairman. Kendall Housing Authority is ranked by HUD as a Section Eight Management Assessment Program – or SEMAP – High-Performer, which is the highest rating given to a public housing authority, according to the news release.

Prochaska said the vouchers are expected to be made available for eligible residents starting in early 2020.

Katie Finlon

Katie Finlon

Katie Finlon covers local government and breaking news for DeKalb County in Illinois. She has covered local government news for Shaw Media since 2018 and has had bylines in Daily Chronicle, Kendall County Record newspapers, Northwest Herald and in public radio over the years.