May 20, 2024
Local News

Chicago-based butcher shop looks to expand to McHenry County

A Chicago-based butcher shop is looking to open a new location in unincorporated McHenry County outside Marengo.

Abbas Aldafri, owner of Aden Poultry Inc., said McHenry County is an ideal location for a new facility because its zoning allows for a food processing facility such as his, and expenses aren’t as steep as in Chicago.

He said the first step will be to gain approval to install a functional septic system, a process he estimated could take months. Once that happens, he then would apply for permits and hire an architect to present plans to the County Board.

With the target site so close in proximity to the city of Marengo’s corporate limits, Marengo residents have raised questions about whether it would fall within the city.

City staff responded in a post on the city's website that the property at 21808 W. Grant Highway is not under the city's jurisdiction. Therefore, they referred any questions about the permitting of the proposed project to the McHenry County Planning, Zoning and Land Use Division at 815-334-4000.

Marengo city staff said it is the city’s and county’s understanding that such an operation not only would require permitting, but also would require approval from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

City Administrator Joshua Blakemore said Marengo was approached about servicing the property with sanitary services and annexation, but officials did not feel this was an appropriate use.

Aden Live Poultry in Chicago is a Spanish-speaking butcher shop for live chickens and other poultry. Poultry chickens primarily are raised by Amish families in smaller flocks, according to the company’s website.