Letter: A metaphor about Air Force One

To the Editor:

Why does Air Force One have trouble getting off the ground?

It only has a right wing. The pilot says it doesn’t need the left wing to fly so it just taxis around without going anywhere.

The pilot keeps revving the engines, playing on social media, and yelling at the passengers and other pilots. The co-pilot sits in the lounge waiting for the pilot’s seat to become empty so he can try flying by himself.

Some of the passengers think the pilot has a good flight plan while two-thirds want a new crew. The flight crew is doing their own thing without any direction from the pilot. They just manage to confuse and agitate the passengers even more.

The supervisor in the control tower has required the controllers to wear eye patches on their left eyes so they keep telling the pilot to turn right. Unless the controllers allow for a left turn, the plane will just keep rolling around on the east side taxi strip.

No wonder all but one other pilot keeps well clear as they fly off to save their own passengers.

What a way to run an airline!

Chuck Johnson