DeKalb School District 428 board approves Moeller separation agreement

DeKALB – After being on paid administrative leave for five months, DeKalb School District 428 Superintendent Doug Moeller will be resigning in April as part of a separation agreement unanimously approved during the district board’s Tuesday meeting.

Moeller’s official resignation and retirement date will be April 30. Until then, the district will continue to pay his $199,600 annual salary and benefits, including health insurance and 15 accumulated vacation days. He will also be reassigned at the board’s discretion to duties and responsibilities consistent with his qualifications until he retires.

By the time he resigns, Moeller, who has two more years remaining on his contract, will have been put on leave for eight months and paid more than $100,000 by the district in that time.

DeKalb High School Principal Michele Albano accused the superintendent of threatening to sabotage her career after she refused taking their relationship beyond co-workers and friends. She also said she was intimidated because Moeller had brandished a gun around her.

A restraining order filed by Albano was lifted in October after she failed to appear in court. Moeller was never charged with a crime in connection with the incident.

While these claims led to the removal of Moeller as superintendent, the agreement states that it “is not to be construed or used as an admission of any wrongdoing and/or liability whatsoever by or on behalf of Dr. Moeller and/or the Board, as each of the undersigned expressly denies any and all liability or wrongdoing in connection with the disputed issues.”

Interim Superintendent Brad Hawk, who accepted a temporary position after Moeller was placed on leave, is about halfway through his maximum term of 100 days.

District 428 will provide a form letter if asked about Moeller’s time as superintendent saying he started this position May 1, 2014, and retired April 30.

Both Moeller and the district are signing the agreement voluntarily without coercion or influence and are prevented from suing or disparaging each other. Moeller also waives the right to seek reinstatement, damages, remedies or any other individual relief as to any claims he had released under the agreement.

Note to readers: This story has been changed to clarify that Principal Michele Albano said Moeller's carrying a gun and brandishing it in her presence had intimidated her.