June 16, 2021
Putnam County

Hennepin Library will host virtual British Aristocracy program April 8

On Thursday, April 8, Claire Evans will present “From Uptown Girls to Downton Abbey: How American Gilded-Age Heiresses Invaded the British Aristocracy” at 6:30 p.m. live on Zoom (a link will be on the website and Facebook). Long before the British Invasion, the cash-strapped lords, viscounts and dukes of Great Britain shifted their focus from hunting foxes and pheasants to more lucrative targets: cash-flush Gilded Age American socialites who were willing to trade their family’s money for an ancient title and often a chilly reception in the British aristocracy. Join Evans, anglophile and former U.K. resident, as she recounts the tales of some of the famously loaded young Americans who infused bank accounts of many stately homes, including close relatives of Winston Churchill and Princess Diana. She’ll also give travel tips if you’d like to create a Gilded Age tour for yourself.