This year, to embrace the darker side of autumn, or simply celebrate the history of Illinois, we visit a handful of cemeteries, final resting places to some local legends, and some legendary ghost stories, as well.

At Kuipers Family Farm in Maple Park, they’ve been hosting folks young and old for 20 years, from its humble beginnings as a 71-acre pumpkin patch, to the now 230 acres Kuipers Family Farm so many have made a part of their annual autumn tradition.

But if you’re looking for a climbing challenge unique to the winter months, ice climbing is the way to go. You’ll have to bundle up and brave the cold, most likely the wind, and a slick terrain, but most ice climbing fans can’t get enough.

Each year, a majestic spectacle occurs in the skies above Illinois. Our state is home to one of the largest populations of wintering bald eagles in the country, second only to Alaska. And right now is one of the best times to see them.