IVCIL Offers Community Transition Program for Those With Disabilities

IL Valley Center for Independent Living - IVCIL Offers Community Transition Program for Those With Disabilities

The Illinois Valley Center for Independent Living (IVCIL) offers a wide array of service programs to individuals in the community who have a disability. The Community Transition Program is one that focuses on providing transition assistance for those who are capable of leaving a nursing home or rehab facility to return home, but don’t have family or financial support of any kind.

“We help people return home so they can live as independently as possible, and we support them for up to 90 days,” explained Beth Rockford, Community Transition Coordinator for IVCIL. “We help people of all ages, even those in their 40s and 50s.”

Rockford assists her consumers with finding housing if needed, along with assistance with completing documentation and other types of guidance. “Our consumers have a severe disability that is expected to last 12 months or for the duration of their life, so they need our help,” she said. “Most of these folks are on Medicaid, so it’s also better for the State once they return home.”

The process starts with Rockford performing an assessment, then Rockford and her supervisors determine if the individual qualifies for the program. If they do, Rockford assists with finding housing for the individual, including covering any security deposit and first month’s rent. Basic furniture may be provided, along with kitchen necessities, bathroom supplies, and a month’s worth of groceries.

“We give our consumers a really good start,” added Rockford. “We also make sure the consumer understands the importance of the Department of Rehab Services and a Home Health Agency in case they need nursing or physical therapy services.” She follows up several times during the 90-day period to ensure the consumer is adjusting well.

“They’re so grateful for the assistance once they’re home and fully understand what the program does for them,” said Rockford. “I enjoy my job because I feel like I’m really helping people with disabilities.”

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