Bureau County property transfers: March 1-15, 2024

The Bureau County Courthouse is at 700 S. Main Street in Princeton.

The following property transfers were recently recorded at the Bureau County Recorder of Deeds’ office in the Bureau County Courthouse:

March 1

Judith Hall to Valerie Kramer, warranty deed, Lots 3 and 4 in Block 4 in Cherry, $53,000.

Gregory Schallhorn to Joanna Brenner, warranty deed, Lots 2, 3, 4 and 5 in Block 4 in Andrew J. Johnson’s Addition in Seatonville, $88,000.

Austin Kraft to Tyler Thompson Jr., warranty deed, Lot 6 and part of Lot 7 in Riley’s Addition in Mineral, $45,500.

March 4

Walter Raineri (decd) and Patricia Raineri to John and Sarah French, warranty deed, Lot 7 in Block 14 in Greenwood’s Addition in Spring Valley, $67,000.

March 5

Gary and Amanda Roberts to Brian and Jennifer Lord, warranty deed, Lot 33 in Hudson West Addition (Phase 111) in Princeton, $250,000.

Derek Egan to Michael and Valerie Judkins, warranty deed, part of Lot 15 in Walnut, $149,500.

Mary Miller to Abel and Maria Rios, warranty deed, Lots 12 and 13 in Block 4 in Banschbach’s Fourth Addition in DePue, $29,000.

Robert Fenwick to Sara Rokey, warranty deed, parts of Lot 2 in Fairview Subdivision in Princeton, $135,000.

March 6

LR Asset Holdings LLC to Endress Place LLC, warranty deed, part of Section 33 in Macon Township, $370,000.

Collin Cromwell to Abby Nord and Alec Warren, joint tenancy deed, Lot 165 in Elston’s Addition in Princeton, $163,000.

March 8

Stephanie Lloyd to Damon Macklin, warranty deed, parts of Section 17 in Walnut Township, $55,000.

Britta and Joshua Fuzak to Carol Fifield, warranty deed, part of Lot 79 in Princeton, $185,000.

Carolyn Senneff to Grace Senneff, warranty deed, part of Lot 93 in Tiskilwa, part of Lot 96 in Tiskilwa, part of Lot 94 in Tiskilwa and part of Lot 95 in Tiskilwa, $74,000.

Carol and Thomas Smith to Matthew Smith, warranty deed, part of Lot 1 in Block 2 in Farnham’s Addition in Princeton, $160,000.

Cathy and George Smith to Collin Fasking, warranty deed, part of Lot 112 in Princeton, $115,000.

Gary Ernat to Alma Madera, warranty deed, Lot 10 in Block 15 in Ladd, $30,000.

Karl Larson (tr) and Lloyd Larson Trust to Jeanette and Thomas Schrock, trustees’ deed, part of Section 35 in Arispie Township, $367,000.

March 12

Ronald Dickson to Mario Alvarez Romero and Guillermina Parra Salinas, warranty deed, Lot 2 in Block 1 in Second Park Subdivision in DePue, $5,500.

March 13

Robert Demichelis to James and Patricia Reese, warranty deed, parts of Section 2 and part of Section 1 in Hall Township, $18,000.

Thomas Christianson to Brush Creek Investments LLC, warranty deed, part of Lot 41 in Princeton, $60,000.

Jay Pankey to Kevin and Mallory Wetzell, warranty deed, parts of Section 16 in Mineral Township, $385,000.

March 14

Maria and Oscar Sanchez to Luis Angel Castellanos Reyes and Adelina Reyes Cruz, warranty deed, Lot 4 in Block 17 in Spring Valley, $50,000.

Jorge Quintana and Nanci Villava to Katelynn and Thomas Lynch, warranty deed, Lot 24 in Block 3 in Second Park Subdivision in DePue, $45,000.

March 15

Leigh Ann and Vincent Bulthuis to Joseph and Karin Cartwright, warranty deed, Lots 19 and 20 in Deer Run South Sec. 1, Sec. 35-16-9, in Princeton, $22,000.

Matthew and Robin Shives to Ricky York, warranty deed, Lot 9 in Block 8 in Tiskilwa, $129,900.

Chris and Gregg Ripka to Gage Ripka, warranty deed, Lot 3 in Block 17 in Ladd, $85,000.

Tommy Messino, Bureau County Sheriff James Reed and Spring Valley City Bank to Mehdi Mejri, sheriff deed, Lots 15, 16 and 17 in Block 8 in Cherry, $2,000.

Heather and Wesley Sampson to Cartus Financial Corporation, warranty deed, Lot 7 in Block 56 in Spring Valley, $141,000.

Cartus Financial Corporation to Miranda Lewis and Brett Ordonez, warranty deed, Lot 7 in Block 56 in Spring Valley, $141,000.

Keith Estrada (tr) and Paul Wehner Jr. Trust to Charles Cotton and Gregory Wunderlich, trustees’ deed, Lot 7 in A. and H. Carse’s Addition in Princeton, $70,000.

Shawn and Zepha Gerber to Robert Johnston III, warranty deed, Lot 5 in Anderson Subdivision (SE and SW 5-16-9) in Princeton, $386,000.

Vickie Chiesi (tr) and Vickie Claggett Living Trust to Amy and Stephen Peterson, part of Section 14 in Concord Township, $320,000.

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