Tonica teen charged with vehicle thefts in La Salle

Police say they have identified additional suspects

La Salle Police Department

A teenager from Tonica has been charged in connection with a spree of vehicle thefts and La Salle police say they have identified additional suspects.

The 15-year-old Tonica girl has been charged with two counts of motor vehicle theft after an investigation into Dec. 1 reports of vehicles stolen from the 1600 block of St. Vincent’s Avenue and the 400 block of 10th Street.

The La Salle County State’s Attorney’s Office confirmed Tuesday the teen suspect has been placed in the La Salle County Detention Home.

“Additional suspects have been identified and warrants will be issued for their arrests, as well,” police said.

La Salle police reminded residents to keep their vehicles locked and not to leave the keys in the ignition.