Fort du Rocher DAR in La Salle to make donations to veterans home

Group heard several informative presentations at March 9 meeting

Flags blow in the wind outside the Illinois Veterans Home in La Salle

The Fort du Rocher Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution met March 9 at the La Salle Public Library.

The program was given by Carrie Danekas on literacy. She said Illinois Valley Community College provides several programs including GED classes and training for adults to help them advance in their jobs. Members heard about a Kansas DAR member who upon meeting someone whom she recognizes as a veteran by his hat, presents him with a pin and thanks him for his service. She met Wayne Keim who had served two terms in Army and one in Navy. He had earned five medals for his service but had never received them. She helped start the process by contacting his U.S. senator and helping him fill out forms. He received his medals two months later.

They also learned of Native American woman, Sarah Winnemucca of the Numa tribe. Her autobiography “Life Among the Piutes” was the first English narrative by a Native American woman. Bev Richardson reported on women in sports from ancient Greek runners and African wrestlers to the Victorian days when it was thought too strenuous for women. Title IX let women once again be active in competitive sports. During the Patriot minute, members learned more about Casimir Pulaski, a Polish count who served and died serving the Patriot cause. He is known as the “Father of the American Cavalry” and is buried in Savannah, Georgia.

Also in reports was Sibil Ludington, known as the “female Paul Revere.” On April 26, 1777 this 16-year-old girl rode more than 40 miles in a rain storm to warn of British troop movements in Putnam County, New York.

The chapter voted to make donations to the Illinois Veterans Home and to the state conference We Are Family fund, to help with expenses. The chapter donated 56 calendars to the Lincoln, Illinois women’s prison. The Wreaths Across America program placed 2 million wreaths on veterans’ graves this past winter.

The updated Fort du Rocher web page be viewed at The chapter’s next meeting will be 10 a.m. Saturday, April 13, at the Illinois Veterans Home, 1015 O’Conor Ave., La Salle. The scheduled program will be on citizenship. Any woman older than 18 whose lineage traces back to a Revolutionary War patriot, who wishes to learn more about Daughters of the American Revolution is invited to attend the next meeting or go online to