CCL/ESCC sets divisions, crossover games for 2023 season

Members of the IC Catholic football team hoist the Class 3A State Championship trophy on Friday, Nov. 25, 2022 at Memorial Stadium in Champaign.

The 2023 CCL/ESCC divisions are set and 13 teams will be changing divisions with the addition of IC Catholic and St. Francis to the megaconference next season, according to a schedule obtained by Friday Night Drive.

The new divisions will only be for the 2023 season and will be reevaluated before 2024. Aurora Central Catholic also joined the CCL/ESCC alliance but will be an independent team for the immediate future with low program numbers.

St. Rita will join Loyola, Mount Carmel and Brother Rice in the Blue while Niles Notre Dame will remain in the Green and Marist, Joliet Catholic and St. Ignatius will join the Dons. The Orange and White will each have all new members with the addition of IC Catholic, St. Francis, Nazareth and Fenwick to the Orange and Benet, Providence, St. Laurence and Montini to the White.

Marmion will join St. Patrick, Carmel and St. Viator in the Purple and Marian Catholic and De La Salle will join DePaul Prep and Leo in the Red.

The CCL/ESCC will feature four defending state champions (Loyola, Mount Carmel, Nazareth and IC Catholic) and eight semifinalists from the 2022 playoffs.

2023 CCL/ESCC opponents


Loyola: Marist, Brother Rice, St. Patrick, St. Rita, IC Catholic, Benet, Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel: Niles Notre Dame, St. Rita, Carmel, Brother Rice, Fenwick, Providence, Loyola

St. Rita: Joliet Catholic, Mount Carmel, Marmion, Loyola, St. Francis, St. Laurence, Brother Rice

Brother Rice: St. Ignatius, Loyola, St. Viator, Mount Carmel, Nazareth, Montini, St. Rita


Marist: Loyola, St. Ignatius, IC Catholic, Joliet Catholic, De La Salle, St. Patrick, Niles Notre Dame

Niles Notre Dame: Mount Carmel, Joliet Catholic, Fenwick, St. Ignatius, DePaul Prep, Carmel, Marist

Joliet Catholic: St. Rita, Niles Notre Dame, St. Francis, Marist, Leo, Marmion, St. Ignatius

St. Ignatius: Brother Rice, Marist, Nazareth, Niles Notre Dame, Marian Catholic, St. Viator, Joliet Catholic


IC Catholic: Benet, Nazareth, Marist, St. Francis, Loyola, De La Salle, Fenwick

Fenwick: Providence, St. Francis, Niles Notre Dame, Nazareth, Mount Carmel, DePaul Prep, IC Catholic

St. Francis: St. Laurence, Fenwick, Joliet Catholic, IC Catholic, St. Rita, Leo, Nazareth

Nazareth: Montini, IC Catholic, St. Ignatius, Fenwick, Brother Rice, Marian Catholic, St. Francis


Benet: IC Catholic, Montini, De La Salle, St. Laurence, St. Patrick, Loyola, Providence

Providence: Fenwick, St. Laurence, DePaul Prep, Montini, Carmel, Mount Carmel, Benet

St. Laurence: St. Francis, Providence, Leo, Benet, Marmion, St. Rita, Montini

Montini: Nazareth, Benet, Marian Catholic, Providence, St. Viator, Brother Rice, St. Laurence


St. Patrick: De La Salle, St. Viator, Loyola, Marmion, Benet, Marist, Carmel

Carmel: DePaul Prep, Marmion, Mount Carmel, St. Viator, Providence Catholic, Niles Notre Dame, St. Patrick

Marmion: Leo, Carmel, St. Rita, St. Patrick, St. Laurence, Joliet Catholic, St. Viator

St. Viator: Marian Catholic, St. Patrick, Brother Rice, Carmel, Montini, St. Ignatius, Marmion


De La Salle: St. Patrick, Marian Catholic, Benet, Leo, Marist, IC Catholic, DePaul Prep

DePaul Prep: Carmel, Leo, Providence, Marian Catholic, Niles Notre Dame, Fenwick, De La Salle

Leo: Marmion, DePaul Prep, St. Laurence, De La Salle, Joliet Catholic, St. Francis, Marian Catholic

Marian Catholic: St. Viator, De La Salle, Montini, DePaul Prep, St. Ignatius, Nazareth, Leo