How Joe LaGiglia of Oak Leaf Community Mortgage Made Plainfield His Home

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In 2015, Joe and Kandice LaGiglia moved to Plainfield without knowing anyone there. They had just started their family, and LaGiglia had always dreamed of developing a community-based lending platform within his hometown. This dream became reality with Oak Leaf Community Mortgage. “With so much at stake, being new in town didn’t intimidate me as much as it motivated me,” he explained. “I’ve never been one to blend into the background or hesitate to jump into the action, so I immediately embraced opportunities that allowed me to become an active member of the community.”

LaGiglia joined the Plainfield Lions Club, one of the largest, most long-standing service organizations, where he served a term as Club President. “I got involved in any event hosted by the Village, the Chamber of Commerce, my local church, and even my own neighborhood,” he added. “I was determined to make Plainfield home for my family and my business.”

Although he had worked in the mortgage industry for many years, he was determined to do it differently this time. “I didn’t want my life in the mortgage industry to be self-serving,” said LaGiglia. “I’ve built my business on the foundation of serving others. Our culture at Oak Leaf is based on Faith, Family, and Business, in that order. Without the first two, business means nothing. I strive every day to help my clients achieve the dream of home ownership. The people I’ve met through service organizations and community events, as well as the clients I’ve served, they all have become lifelong friends.”

As his mortgage business grew, so did his desire to serve. “I decided to host a video podcast, Not Your Average Joe, that features members of our local community and their extraordinary acts of service,” said LaGiglia. “My experiences made me realize early on that I’d never be able to give back all that has been given to me, but I wake up every day with one mission - to try.”

Joseph LaGiglia

Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator


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