3 reasons to get regular facials

Could your skin use a little TLC? Book a facial treatment with one of Eterna MedSpa & Laser Vein Center’s licensed estheticians and see the difference it can make for you. Kathe Malinowski, lead esthetician and marketing manager for Eterna, offers three reasons to make regular facials a priority:

1. They can help with a variety of skin woes

“It is good to see your esthetician every four to six weeks so she can address the issues of your skin, whether it is dryness due to change of season or dehydration to the winter air,” Malinowski said.

Regular facials can also help reduce acne and scarring.

2. They offer a thorough cleansing and evaluation

The multi-step facial treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating and steaming the skin, as well as an extraction to clear clogged pores.

And because Eterna estheticians truly understand your skin type, they know exactly what it needs.

“During the facial, we use products to correct the skin and can suggest take-home products to use to correct the skin on a daily basis,” Malinowski said.

During the exfoliation step in the facial process, dead skin cells and debris that can clog pores are removed. The result? Brighter skin that is better able to absorb products.

“By checking in with your esthetician monthly she can see things going on with your skin that you may not as she uses a magnifying lamp to look at your skin,” Malinowski said.

3. They can minimize the appearance of wrinkles

“Anti-aging is a big reason why you should do a facial once a month,” Malinowski said. “Doing a microdermabrasion or a HydraFacial every other treatment will give you the exfoliation and hydration you need, along with using the correct products at home.”

Several facial varieties are available at Eterna MedSpa & Laser Vein Center. Visit the center’s website for the full menu of offerings.

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