10 romantic and unique wedding proposal ideas

Looking to pop the question this holiday season? You’ll want the perfect backdrop for this momentous event. Theresa Murphy, owner of the Joliet-based Newstar Jewelers, offers these suggestions places to propose:

1. Where you met

Maybe it was a college campus, in high school, or at work. But with the latter location, make sure to keep it more personal. “Don’t involve the whole office,” Murphy said.

2. First date

Consider visiting the same place and recreating the date as close as possible. Let the proposal be the grand finale.

3. The great outdoors

Make it a more rustic proposal by packing a picnic and taking a hike.

4. Favorite hangout

Have a go-to date night bar or restaurant you love? Consider making it the place you pop the question.

5. Have an adventure

A scavenger hunt is a playful and memorable way to propose. Give her clues at each location for where you are going next and propose at the place that has the most meaning.

6. Stay in

Hire a private chef to cook a romantic meal at home.

7. Movie night

Set up a private theater in your backyard with a projector and a sheet. Watch her favorite romantic movie and propose at the end.

8. Memory lane

Create a photo book of the best memories of your life together so far. Have the last page say ‘Will you marry me?’ and leave it blank to add a picture of when she says yes.

9. Sweets for the sweet

End the meal at her favorite restaurant with dessert on a plate that says “Marry me?” Or have a champagne bottle delivered to the table that’s engraved with the proposal.

10. Know what she wants

If she is more private, it might be best to propose with minimal people knowing. If she would prefer to have her family and friends there, consider a private proposal with a gathering afterward. But however you pop the question, avoid putting the ring in food or drink, said Murphy.

“A lot of things can go wrong, plus it will usually stick in the ring,” she said. “No one wants their new diamond to have frosting underneath it.”

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