Letters to the Editor

Letter: Time to take care of our own

Typewritter, letter to the editor

To the Editor:

I see we are trying to make a deal with the Taliban. Isn’t that just blackmail? The same for that supposed deal with Iran. The U.S. has made lots of deals – with Anwar Sadat so he wouldn’t attack Israel. It is still in effect, but now they are our supposed allies. We send them money to buy military equipment they don’t need now.

Why are we worrying and spending money all over the world when we have thousands killed and wounded in our own cities every year? We have spent billions of dollars and thousands of military lives for nothing. Most of our so-called allies could take care of themselves if they wanted to.

Let Iran have the Bomb, but let them know we have hundreds and the means to deliver them. Did you ever hear of a suicide bomber over age 40? Those mullahs don’t want to die, either. The same for the little fellow in North Korea. He is playing us. He and his advisers know this, too. South Korea has twice the population of the North and a GNP many times greater.

Scared of Russia? Our so-called NATO allies are not. Germany will get its natural gas from Russia through an environmentally unfriendly pipeline under the Baltic Sea. Are Frenchmen, Dutch, Brits, Belgians, etc., going to go to war if Russia invades the Ukraine? Yet we have almost 40,000 troops in Europe.

Why don’t we take care of our own problems? We have hundreds of thousands of homeless and unemployed people here. Those guns that kill and wound people in the inner cities don’t fire themselves. We need to help to get people to realize there are other ways to exist and that they have the means of doing so.

Frank Dollinger