Letter: Think three times

To the Editor:

I keep hearing and reading about how people’s First Amendment rights are being trampled because some far right, racist, white supremacists and Trump are being prevented from inciting gullible people. Some of those sites are Russians concocting conspiracies that many Americans believe.

A large minority of Americans are unable to use common sense or check facts on easily-accessed sites. They could even see and hear the truth on TV or honest websites. Did the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans or Iranians persuade our gullible people to not wear masks? Or did some idiot that is against vaccinations simply forget hundreds of thousands Americans have died because tens of millions haven’t worn masks?

Trump has been restricted from most ethical websites and other social media because of his fantasies, lies and rabble-rousing rants encouraged unstable people to try insurrection to keep him in office. Unfortunately, humans have not always been able to use common sense to guide themselves. Delusions are easy to believe.

A poor sick man blew up his motor home and himself trying to destroy an AT&T building because he believed 5G was causing the virus. How many children and now adults are getting sick, disabled, disfigured and dying because of a discredited and license-pulled doctor said vaccines cause autism – they don’t. Don’t forget the deluded man that shot up a pizza restaurant because the political elite had stolen kids in the basement for sale. It didn’t have a basement.

Millions believe those stories but are afraid of the truth. Hundreds will go to jail because of Trump’s goading and lies.

Think once, think twice, and think three times before believing these outrageous lies and conspiracies.

Chuck Johnson