Letter: Election math

To the Editor:

For every single person across this country complaining about how the recent presidential election went, I have a simple suggestion for you. Instead of complaining and name-calling, put your money (and your rear end) where your mouth is.

Become an election judge. Get involved with your local precinct. Volunteer to register voters. In other words, do something. I can attest to the veracity of the elections here in Will County because I’ve worked the polls for nearly 25 years. I’ve trained every two years or so to make sure I’m up to date on my skills.

I can tell you what it’s like to work the post-election processes in the clerk’s office after the election because I’ve done it. I can tell you how our technology works because I’ve been trained to operate it. When even the Chicago Tribune, hardly the bastion of liberal media, reports that Trump lost, you can pretty much be sure that, indeed, Trump lost.

The Trib said, “While no election is 100% clean, most of the mistakes cited in the lawsuits Trump’s team have filed have been explained by natural error, not intentional malfeasance, and none so substantial that they would overturn an election.”

Not to mention … math. (At the time of this writing) Biden’s votes totaled 79,683,126, and Trump’s votes totaled 73,698,576 – so Biden got 5,984,550 more votes than Trump. Biden accrued 306 Electoral College votes, which is more than the 232 electoral votes Trump got.

The chaos we’re going through right now is leaving us open to ridicule worldwide. Like liberals were told in 2016: Get over it and move on.

I suggest that if you want to change something, get involved. Whining and name-calling doesn’t solve anything. Educate yourself; get yourself productively involved. At least then you can argue from an informed place rather than from a partisan one.

Pat Perrier

Crest Hill