Letter: Illinois legislators, clean up your act first

To the Editor:

The people voted and the Fair Tax Amendment failed. We need to move on together and not be subject to threats and intimidation. We send the legislators to Springfield to work for us. How about them doing just that?

Let’s see a concerted effort on the part of the legislative branches to reduce waste and costs:

1. Immediately reduce employees. Don’t hire new ones. Stop hiring part-time consultants. Offer early retirements and find a good sustainable fix to the pension system.

2. Reduce the number of governmental bodies (school districts, townships, etc.) to save money and increase efficiency.

3. Develop reforms for mapping, incarceration and business retention.

4. Develop and live with a cash-flow budget.

Take these logical steps and you may not have to come to the people asking for more taxes. Remember that government is a business, and from time to time, a business must review and sometimes reduce its expenses and can’t spend more that its revenue allows.

We’re in this together, and we must resolve Illinois’ financial picture together. We must do this and do it now for Illinois to survive.

Mark Turk