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Joliet man jailed after making repeated 911 calls with false claims about woman, police say

Anthony Apostolou

A Joliet man was arrested after he continually called Will County Sheriff’s deputies to a woman’s house over false claims that she was planning to harm herself, police said.

About 1 p.m. Sunday, deputies responded to a residence in Joliet Township after Anthony Apostolou, 31, made a 911 call requesting a welfare check because he said a woman at the residence was going to hurt herself and would have to go to the hospital, said Will County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Kathy Hoffmeyer.

Deputies went to the residence and spoke to the woman at length, Hoffmeyer said.

During their conversation, the woman explained to deputies that she was sure it was Apostolou who had called 911 and claimed that she was going to hurt herself, Hoffmeyer said.

Deputies confirmed Apostolou was the 911 caller, Hoffmeyer said. The woman also told deputies that Apostolou had been calling her continuously all weekend long and had made previous calls to 911, she said.

The woman told deputies the allegations that she was going to hurt herself were false and Apostolou had been calling her “continuously throughout the past few days regarding child custody issues,” Hoffmeyer said.

Deputies reviewed previous police and 911 records and discovered Apostolou called 911 several times over the past few days, Hoffmeyer said.

Deputies spoke on the phone with Apostolou and explained to him that continuous calls to 911 and making continuous false allegations “could lead to charges being filed against him,” Hoffmeyer said.

“Apostolou stated that he understood the officers explanation,” Hoffmeyer said.

Deputies then received notice from 911 dispatch that Apostolou once again placed a call to them claiming the woman had a knife and was going to hurt herself, Hoffmeyer said.

Deputies located Apostolou at a Joliet motel and arrested him on felony disorderly conduct charges.