Joliet Catholic Academy under brief lockdown after accidental alarm

Joliet police found no signs of threats at the school

Joliet Catholic Academy went under lockdown after an alarm was apparently triggered by a student or teacher by accident.

About 9 a.m. Monday, the high school at 1200 N. Larkin Avenue was placed on a campus-wide “code blue” lockdown that was triggered by a classroom phone, according to Joliet Catholic Academy officials.

“It is believed this button was inadvertently pressed by a teacher or student and there is no immediate threat to the campus,” school officials said.

The JCA administration is investigating the cause of the alarm.

Joliet police officers responded to the high school after receiving a report that the school went under lockdown “from an unknown origin,” police officials said.

“Officers have completed a systematic search of the school and have found no signs of any threats at this time,” police said.

Felix Sarver

Felix Sarver

Felix Sarver covers crime and courts for The Herald-News