Reagan Run 5K: Partnership strong for race, park district

Reagan Run 5K logo

The Dixon Park District cherishes the opportunity to work with local groups and events like the Reagan Run 5K, which has become such an impressive and important part of the town’s Fourth of July festivities.

The Park District has been involved since the first Reagan Run. The Park District has helped with the coordination and setup of the wooded portion of the course through Page Park since the beginning, and continues to improve the trails used during the race. That terrain in Page Park is one of the unique things the race has to offer, separating it from some other local races.

Through the years, the Park District has developed a great relationship with Jim Lillyman and the rest of the Reagan Run committee.

All funds donated to the Reagan Run from the Park District are to be used for trails at the discretion of the committee.

The money has been used for many improvements, including:

• Repaving Lowell Parkway Trail, which begins at Washington Avenue.

• Helping to secure a grant for $220,000 for the Meadows trails.

• Trail improvements to the wooded area within Page Park.

Duane Long, executive director of Dixon Park District, says the great partnership through the years and the willingness to work together has helped make the race run as smooth as possible for all.

“It has been a joy to work with Jim and the Reagan Run for all of these years,” Long said.

The Park District looks forward to continuing to work together with the Reagan Run, and is thankful each year for the generous donation to help improve the trails for the community.