Registration now open for Dixon Family YMCA Summer Camps

Dixon Family YMCA - Registration now open for Dixon Family YMCA Summer Camps

Spend your summer with the Dixon Family YMCA!

Day camp at the Dixon Family YMCA provides community youth with the perfect balance of outdoor adventures, team and friendship building experiences, and educational activities to make each summer the Best Summer Ever! Housed on the scenic property of Camp Reynoldswood, Dixon Family YMCA Day Camp can meet all the childcare needs for your school aged children.

With full and part time options available, as well as flexibility of scheduling, your child can attend as little or as much as they like. Each of the 11 scheduled weeks provides planned activities, swimming, and off-site field trips.

Registration is now open for summer camp. Stop by the welcome center for registration information.

Here are 5 reasons to enroll your child this summer!

1. Summer camp provides structure and guidance. In addition to avoiding excessive screen time on their devices over the summer months, camp offers a way for children to maintain structure that they will need to pick up again when school starts.

2. Camp broadens their horizons and gives your child the opportunity to discover and try out something new.

3. YMCA summer camp promotes strong social skills. With guidance from counselors, children of all ages can learn how to work and interact better with others.

4. Camp creates a sense of independence. Attending either half or full-day camp gives children of all ages the opportunity to rely on themselves more than their parents. This is an important part of growing up and becoming independent. Of course, proper supervision is always available!

5. Camp is fun! When it comes to breaking up the summer boredom, nothing beats the wide selection of activities and interests for kids of all ages!

Dixon Family YMCA: 110 North Galena, Dixon, IL 61021, 815-288-9622,