Try Studio Kickboxing at the Dixon Family YMCA

Group exercise, including strength and conditioning, spin, yoga, and more – is one of many ways the Y supports members in achieving their health and wellness goals.

The Dixon Family YMCA offers studio kickboxing as part of its fitness and well-being programs. Studio Kickboxing is a great non-contact workout that combines martial arts techniques with face paced cardio. You’ll work alongside the Y instructor and other class participants.

Expect to do plenty of punches, hooks, undercuts and lunges- and then combine them into challenging sequences for a full body cardio workout!

Kickboxing not only burns calories, but builds stamina and improves coordination and flexibility. It also increases your concentration as you focus on technique and sequence of moves.

Studio kickboxing is a great addition to any weight loss plan, or for those who are looking for a break from the treadmill.

Kickboxing provides an aerobic workout that burns calories and can help you lose weight. A person who weighs 155 pounds can burn 372 calories during just 30 minutes of kickboxing.

Kickboxing is a form of martial art that involves punching, kicking, and footwork. The sport incorporates moves from other types of martial arts, such as karate, as well as boxing. Studio kickboxing incorporates the same footwork, kicking, and punching techniques as other types of kickboxing, without making any contact.

Exercise and martial arts have been linked to improved confidence and self-esteem. Martial arts, including kickboxing, and other forms of exercise have been linked to improved mental health and positive feelings.

Kickboxing positively impacts mood with aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It does this by increasing endorphins and producing changes in the part of the brain that can improve stress, anxiety, and depression.

The Y is committed to strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. This commitment ensures that every individual has access to essentials needed to learn, grow and thrive.

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