3 tips to staying active this fall

The fall season means cooler temperatures and earlier sunsets, which can slow down your physical activity.

Staying active is important year-round, and fall is an ideal time to get outdoors. Here are 3 tips to staying active this fall.

1. Take advantage of the weather.

Summertime heat makes outdoor activities almost unbearable at times. Walking, hiking and cycling are all ideal in the fall season. The colorful scenery and crunching leaves provides a great setting to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.

If you find yourself taking your kids to sports practice, consider going for a walk around the complex while they practice, making best use of your time while you wait. Is your day filled with virtual meetings? Consider getting some steps in while you brainstorm a project.

2. Remember to warm up your muscles.

Your muscles take longer to warm up in cooler weather, so don’t be quick to dive right into your usual activity when the temperatures drop. Warm-ups are recommended to increase your body temperature and blood flow to your muscles prior to the activity. This may help you transition more comfortably to other activities, reduce muscle soreness, and lessen your risk of injury, according to the Bone and Joint Institute.

Dress appropriately and remember to stay hydrated.

3. Get creative!

If you’re looking to maintain your activity level this fall, think outside the box. Raking leaves, walking through a corn maze and apple picking are all great activities to keep you moving all season. Spending 55 minutes in corn maze can burn 250 calories! Raking leaves can burn 150 calories in 30 minutes.

Many local communities offer fall festivals, ghost tours and farmers markets to get you out of the house to help you stay active. Plan ahead and add events to your calendar so you won’t forget!

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