Three Important Things to Know About Caskets

One of the most important and sometimes difficult purchases you can make during funeral arrangements is for the casket. There is a wide range of features and prices you must consider, which can be challenging during a time of grief when emotions are running high.

This is where planning in advance is helpful.

Buying a casket

Planning to make a casket purchase ahead of time can save you from overspending, and also ensures you get the product that fits your needs. Setting a budget is a great starting point. Have a price range in mind and stick within it. This will help you only view caskets which are in your range and make the selection process run more smoothly.

Take your time. Don’t rush the process, and view products from multiple providers. There are many retailers in addition to the funeral home that offer a selection of coffins. Ask questions and address any details you are curious about.

Differences between a casket and a coffin

Both caskets and coffins can be used for funerals and viewings. Often, the words “casket” and “coffin” are used interchangeably. While the concept is essentially the same, there are some differences. The main aesthetic difference is that caskets are rectangular, but coffins have six sides, with the top part of the box being wider than the bottom.

The other difference is in the price. Coffins tend to be a bit less expensive than caskets because they are narrower, so they require less material to construct.

Caskets for cremation

If you’re selecting a cremation casket, the process for selection and many of the details you’ll consider are the same as a standard casket. The biggest differentiator is that a cremation casket must not be made of metal or have metal features. You may also choose an alternative container for cremation, and not even a casket at all.

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