You might not need a lawyer if:

  • Your employer and your insurance company are providing medical care
  • Your employer is paying your regular wages
  • Your employer is paying full and fair benefits for missed work

If everything goes right, you might experience the following:

  • Helpful and necessary medical care and treatment until you heal to what the doctors call “Maximum Medical Improvement” or MMI (not completely cured, but as much improvement as possible)
  • An examination to determine whether you have continued impairment and how bad it is
  • A full and fair payment from a worker’s compensation insurance company based on the doctor’s impairment rating.
  • At the point the insurance company makes the offer, you should call your lawyer for a free consultation and review of the offer.
  • But, if something just doesn’t seem right, or you don’t feel like you’re being treated fairly, you might be better off calling your lawyer earlier.

You should call a lawyer when:

  • Your employer will not report your injury to their insurance
  • The insurance company will not provide medical benefits or payments to you
  • The insurance company has denied or outright rejected your claim
  • Your employer does not offer you light or restricted duty work after your doctor has released you to return to work
  • You know you’re being treated unfairly
  • You aren’t getting the medical care you know you need
  • Something just doesn’t seem right

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