Don’t Hog the Road: Keep it Safe for Motorcyclists

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The Trial Lawyers at Pignatelli & Associates PC remind everyone on the road to remember to do their part to keep the roads safe.

Motorcyclists can be extremely easy to miss on the road. As a result, they are at a much greater risk of incurring a serious injury in a crash. There is no airbag or seatbelt on a motorcycle. A small accident involving a car and a motorcycle can be catastrophic.

Share the road – and remember the rules. Motorcycles are bound by the same rules of the road, such as right-of-way. They must follow motorcycle specific laws, also, such as always wearing a helmet while riding.

No, really: give motorcyclists room on the road. Never tailgate motorcyclists. Give them ample room when passing and don’t cross into their lane until necessary. Motorcyclists have to avoid potholes and debris, which are much more dangerous to a motorcycle in motion than a car, so common courtesy should not be an uncommon thing.

Take special care when passing. When you need to make a right turn, avoid passing a motorcyclist beforehand. Motorcycles accelerate quickly, often more rapidly than many drivers imagine. Passing a motorcyclist then immediately making a right turn can cause serious damage.

Keep an Eye Out for Motorcyclists. Motorcycles may be easy to hear at times, but they’re also easy to miss. Their turn signals and reflectors are smaller, and less visible. Just like a two way road, safety goes both ways and as a motorist it’s important to keep aware.

Brake Lights Alone can Tell Lies. If a driver following behind a motorcyclist only uses brake lights to know when to reduce speed behind a motorcycle, they may have made a huge mistake. Not only are motorcycle lights less visible than those of a larger vehicle. In addition, many times motorcyclists reduce speed by choosing to downshift without hitting the brakes. Following too closely can be perilous.

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