Do Fences Make Good Neighbors?

Robert Frost may have been on to something.

Though fences themselves typically aren’t as poetic as his prose in his famous poem Mending Wall, Frost makes an interesting observation. In essence, he meant that respecting our neighbors’ property and privacy are good things.

This is where fences are so valuable.

Benefits of fencing

There are several reasons to consider installing a new fence on your property as well as many benefits. First, fences help provide security to your home. They can essentially “close off” your property which will protect against possible intruders or other unwelcome guests. They also give you privacy when you’re enjoying being outdoors, hosting a get-together, or just lounging around. Fences also help keep your children and pets safe and enclosed in an area where you can better monitor them.

Additionally, fences will establish boundaries between yours and your neighbors’ property. This is important because it will eliminate any guesswork or discussions on where your landscape or storage work ends and theirs begins. Finally, a new fence can greatly add to your home’s curb appeal and overall value. Homes with properly installed fencing tend to sell at higher prices than those without.

Types of residential fences

Just like garage doors, fences are available in several materials. Which type is best for your property will depend on your budget and individual preferences. Some of the most common fencing types include:

Chain-link: This is a common, versatile type of fence that requires almost no maintenance and has a comparatively low cost.

Wood: Wood fences have a classic look among several styles and sizes, is great for complete privacy and security.

Vinyl: Another versatile fence that is available in many colors and styles with virtually no maintenance.

Ornamental: These beautiful fences are available in wrought iron, steel or aluminum and are strong, durable, and artistic.

No matter which type of fence best suits your individual style and property size, installing a new fence offers many benefits to your home’s value and overall visual appeal.

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