Three Things to Know About Advanced Planning

Discussing a loved one’s death and planning for funeral services can be difficult, but it is an inevitability we all must face. This is where advanced planning can be helpful.

Advanced planning will not only help the process be more efficient, but it will ease the burden on your family as well.

It may feel unsettling. But it is thoughtful and smart to get the details in order for when the time comes.

“A funeral is a lot like a wedding,” says Pat Jones, Jr. of Jones Funeral Home. “It has a lot of the same moving parts, people traveling, clergy, maybe a church, but we are doing it in three days.”

Here are some important things to consider when planning ahead.

Discuss advanced planning with your loved ones

This should be the first step in the process. Communication is crucial to ensure you get the sort of funeral you want, so talking it over with your loved ones first is where advanced planning truly begins. Be clear and specific, but not so specific or demanding that any details seem unrealistic.

Research all the associated costs

Funeral costs vary, so you should treat this like any large investment such as a car or a house. Do some research to get quotes in your area. Remember that some funeral homes or cemeteries may be hesitant to reveal all or even any of their pricing over the phone, but they will work with you on advance planning once you make it clear that’s what you’re looking for.

Invest in the service that you want

After talking it over with your loved ones about the type of service(s) you want, this is the next step. Whether you invest in a fully established package, or specific products and services, be sure that everything fits with what you’ve envisioned. This will make it easier to conduct when the time comes.

There are several steps involved with planning in advance, but these are some key things to consider as you begin the process.

“If you take a little time to plan ahead, it can make the funeral a little less hectic,” Jones said.

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