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Letter: Growing up in the ‘innocent’ years

Sauk Valley Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

When I read the Oct. 22 letter “Don’t vote for a return to ‘traditional values’” from Denise Burrs, I thought, “Here comes another one.”

I grew up in the “innocent” years. They were wonderful years. We only made 50 cents an hour babysitting before the 1970s, but we paid only $12 for our shoes. We could go swimming in the river and at the gravel pit in Nelson.

Before the ‘70s, we didn’t have a credit card because we didn’t need one. We paid cash. Perhaps your people judged and ostracized, but my people didn’t. The kids I ran around with weren’t racist.

There is no danger in wishing for the good old days. They were happy and peaceful days. Our lives were much more free than the lives of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We didn’t fear the police because we behaved ourselves. Our parents set down the rules, and we followed them. We could play street games at night, like kick the can. We respected our teachers, even if we didn’t like them. Sure, we skipped school once in awhile, but we always got caught and paid the price. The word abortion was not a familiar word, but adoption was.

I do long for the good old days for my family. The world today is one of danger, stress, and strife.

Donna Portner

Rock Falls