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Letter: Truth in reporting

Sauk Valley Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

A July 13 Telegraph article, poorly titled “Banning Books?” on the cover, portrayed a distorted and misrepresented account of what I and others said at a meeting to their readers.

I could discuss the lewd illustrated books that are easily accessible in the children’s section at the Dixon Library. I could reiterate my intent to protect the innocence of our children, the appropriate placement of books and defend the exaggerated “reporting” but I will not. Anyone who wants the truth can watch it on YouTube under SaukValleyFreedomFighters.

We ask people to get engaged, watch for signs that can keep our families safe and to speak out when there is concern. But when they do, the troubling revelation is they run a risk of having their words spun to feed a narrative – putting people in compromising positions, angering friends or even risk losing their employment.

People hesitate to speak up in public or when they see something alarming. Not because they don’t want to, but because they fear becoming the target. The media has one duty and that is to accurately report. It is not the job of the media to define a person speaking up or discourage differing opinions.

I will always defend those who feel they don’t have the freedom to speak up. The article, like others, is an attempt to quiet questioning citizens and challenge our 1st Amendment. Stop trying to silence people, but listen and work together to find solutions to avoid political narratives that divide our communities.

Brett Nicklaus